GOW last titles question

I have created a new account for start in play store, where i owned GOW 4, in GOW 4 there is a achievement where if you played some last title you got a reward, i have played all the others GOWS in onther account, can i get the reward someway?

No the rewards are linked to the account used in previous titles

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Speaking of which, I never did receive my emblem they offered from previous titles.

which emblem is that???

I don’t know, the one with the guy holding the flag or whatever it was.

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It is called the First Wave. Didn’t get mine either.

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I believe you get that emblem from playing the GOW4 Beta. That’s what someone who has it told me unless i got lied too.

Nope. It’s from playing previous titles.

Pre-order/Season Pass “bonuses” were a complete joke as well.

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oh my mistake then i never got mine either… and yes those were… now the real question is should i pre-order the fifth installment… no news on what we might get with it if anything at all… maybe E3 will tell us… :thinking:

Ehhh i would bet after E3 we will find out what the pre order is all about


I got one and I did not get my copy until 2017. Maybe you had to play the others prior to Gears 4 release day or possibly before the 31st of December cutoff date to redeem the operations pack codes?