GoW Judgment Sybraite

Im not giving up on this, I really want this to be fixed. I check these forums plus forums on TA daily to see if there has been new unlocks or a fix for this I try and play a game once a week hoping aswell.

I really hope TC actually puts some love into this now that their other projects got scraped. Ill do damn near anything that isnt cheating to get this fixed.

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Should probably use this passion for something else.


I don’t believe it’s every going to happen.

As annoying as it is to not be able to complete a game 100%, this is very much a “Wish into one hand, s**t in the other and see which fills up first” situation.

You are expecting too much of the Coalition.

Judgment fully deserves to be forgotten about.

Buy really, if they’re completely ignorant to us now with the current game…I wouldn’t hold your breath.

We thank you for your service:

But if you carefully read what I said originally, I said it deserves to be forgotten about, not that I expect it to be. That’s two entirely different statements.

Oh and I’d rate Tactics higher than Judgment, because it’s an entirely different type of game style whereas Judgment is from the same style albeit with horrific changes such as Frags on LB and Weapon change on Y.


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No-ones going to sue you. But you can’t expect your post to be unchallenged when you misquote or misinterpret what someone else has said.

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Read the post above this one. Slowly and carefully, mind, we don’t want to risk hospitalisation.

They should fix it, yes. Unfortunately they already said they won’t.

I just wanna finish the series 100% and this is holding any also wanting to back aswell. The faxt that it was looked into and made worse off only shows me they can they just wont.

A new profile could login and play in the special event when it was FFA Explosives and now its at the defualt state of FFA Gnashers and no ribbion even on a new account.

Also the fact you cant even find a game without doing a work around (found if you look at your stats while searching it will put you in a game).

Ive tried reaching out and use to get replies but not anymore. Pretty much since they stopped supporting Gears 5 they havent said anything. Its a shame there is no love for Gears fans. Never really bothered me that TC didnt do much but when i started seeing other companies listen to the community or actually fix broken things quickly made me realize how important it is with games today. Games like Dead by daylight, overwatch and Fortnite get tons of support (Fortnite obviously makes crap tons of money but still), it just shows they care to keep the gamers playing their games and yes i am complaining about Judgment but even the most recent game (Gears 5) isnt getting any support.

Gears POP! Even got achievement support/listened to the community and that wasnt there game either as judgment wasnt theirs in the first place either.

Its not happening. Multiple devs have said multiple times that they dont have the tools to fix it.

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just to add, octus said that if TC were to try and change/update/patch any previous titles then there would be a chance the could actually break the whole game.

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You don’t have a number of stacks started on your tag, and Gears UE Windows also has a broken achievement, and TC actually worked on that game.

After issues with Gears 3 Socialite, I made sure to stick with Sybarite as best I could. Still going to be missing UEW’s Mix It Up. Won’t be able to complete the Forza or Forza Horizon series because online functionality was dropped for older games. FH2 was apparently ended late last year with no notice and FH4 is much newer yet has a busted achievement. At least TC paid some lip service to the Gears community, Turn 10 / Playground Games won’t even go that far.

Lesson should be, if you’re into achievements, get the online stuff done ASAP because you never know when the devs / publishers will make it non-functional.

Devs have been known to lie when it’s the better PR alternative than the truth (they don’t want to). I’m sure if someone wanted to get it working again, they’d at least be able to look into it and provide more details as to why. If changing the ribbon for Socialite and Sybarite is anything more involved than updating a value in a database or some other type of file, it calls into question the competency of whoever designed the system, which I realize is Epic and not TC, but still. But given the problems the entire series has had when it comes to netcode, there have always been competency questions with whichever dev is actively working on the franchise.

Its. Not. Going. To. Happen.

I don’t expect it to happen. But I think the reason is more that they don’t want to try than they don’t have the tools to do it.

Only way to do it is to have someone with a modded xbox 360 unlock all the achievements for your account.

I recently unlocked an achievement for moh airborne that had been glitched since 2007, someone on True Achievements made a friend at dice who while in their own time would unglitch this achievement for hundreds of people.

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They have said in the past that nothing can be done and then months/years later have tried to get a fix to no avail.

If we keep showing interest will only increase the chance of a fix and if enough people ask the more likely something gets done.

They have stated the past that since they dont have the resources to get it done they wont fix it. As crappy as it is ive said the community would contribute im sure since enough people care to get a fix, id be willing to put money down or even buy a skin in game or something that all proceeds would go to the fix and ive seen other post they would do the same if thats what it took.

As for acheievement hunting… i know i was an idiot and didnt finish it when i should have but my thoyght process was stop on 29/30 and the last one they end on will be the one i need but they ended up repeating past ones and it happens to be one ive played. My main goal going forward after this tabacle is to do all onlines first.