GoW Judgment Achievement

Please, can u fix the achievement SYBARITE in Gears of War Judgment or make new Events please? Really we are millions of players that we’re waiting for get that achievement and complete the game achievement list. You will really make very happy all of us!!! (i dont speak english very well, sorry if i have a mistake when i writhe this post)


They won’t do it anymore if I remember. They redid all the special events before Gears 4 release and then it got stuck on explosives event.

(If they can) they should just unlock it for anyone who logs into the game. It’s not like a seriously, or beat on insane type of achievement, which are relatively higher accomplishments.

(Not to diminish what those who actually achieved it did).

You can message these kind folks with this issue;
or here;
If enough people bring this up, maybe something will be done.

TC has commented on this many times and unfortunately TC doesn’t have the ability to do this. You could contact Xbox Support and see if they could do a unlock, but it’s highly unlikely.

In other words, we can’t be bothered figuring any sort of patch for you all, the hundreds of thousands possibly millions of loyal fans who have stuck with the franchise from the start!
I bet you though if they brought out a download patch you could purchase or a disk which helps with issues on past games, which they could make a lot of money from, then it would be out and suddenly fixable!

Its a bloody disgrace, especially when they continue to sell it on their store

As for the no ability to do it,…what? How do they not have the ability to update the game code?

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Its funny coz if your LOYAL or hardcore hundreds of thousands or even million fans of this franchise then they probably have played the events like me when its was released, and got the achievement legitly, not begging on the forums to have a 2nd cgance

They have the ability, what they lack is the desire, i.e., they’ve decided the financial cost in dedicating time and resources to fix it isn’t worth the good will fostered by doing it. That’s understandable, if frustrating, but I’d prefer seeing a company be more straightforward. Didn’t like it when Epic wasn’t back on their forums, don’t like it now.

I understand that depending on how the achievement was designed could make it more difficult to fix. If it was implemented properly, it should just be a matter of updating a value on the server, either a config file or more likely a database entry, containing the ID of the event ribbon which the game queries when completing a match. Updating something like that periodically is also easily automated.

Hopefully The Coalition gives their employees innovation weeks where they can take a bit of a mental break from the weekly grind and work on whatever they want, and that someone wants to look into the Sybarite issue. Or someone is just interested enough in looking into the issue that they throw some of their own free time at it as a side project. Octus said on Reddit that the cost of a test environment isn’t an issue, and given that it should be in Azure, cost shouldn’t be a factor. Can only hope that some of this is actually going on behind the scenes, and TC doesn’t want to publicly comment on it until things are closer to fruition.

Might need to check on Gears 2 Photojournalist as well. Saw a post on another site from a few weeks back that it might not be working, either.

If they were truly loyal from day one, and interested in completing the franchise’s achievements, wouldn’t they have bought Judgment on release and worked toward it? Even if they didn’t like Judgment once they got their hands on it, they would have stuck it out to get the event ribbons, particularly after the trouble with Gears 3’s Socialite achievement. Fixing this would be more for the folks that came on later, particularly those that are trying out the franchise for the first time through Game Pass or the glut of codes given out for buying Gears 1 Ultimate or Gears 4.

I understand the frustration of having games with unobtainable achievements. As a late comer to the Forza franchise, I’m stuck with two different kinds in the earlier Motorsport games - ones that are within the devs’ power to fix (getting some online services working again) and ones that aren’t (delisted DLC due to expired licenses). Hopefully those services are coming back, and I believe I’ve seen on their forums that they are trying. I can be patient, and have many other games to work on until they do.

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I agree with you mate, I really do! I should have and maybe could have tried to do the events for the Sybarite achievement, but things happen and sometimes life gets in the way and suddenly games and a achievement go to the back of the queue! My point is, these companies Epic & The Coalition have a loyal fan base and the Gear’s games have always been their own games and stood out from the rest and I’ve played all of them 1,2,3 Judgement and now 4 and I’ll buy 5! They’ve made all of their money from this loyalty and to think and hope that they might put a bit of time and effort and a couple of programmers into solving problems like these and paying back the loyalty of the fans by showing they do care about problems even with the current game, would go along way!

Ser fanatico de la saga y haber estado para los.eventos no tiene nada que ver… Existe problemas de dinero con los que no siempre se puede comprar un juego el dia del lanzamiento, o por trabajo o estudio no poder estar. Incluso teniendo poco horario libre sigo sacando el Seriamente3.0 que estoy a nada de sacarlo, por que se puede hacer con el tiempo. Con el Sybarite no dieron mada de tiempo y muy pocas posibilidades a la gente que quiere completarlo

My only question is, if the coalition has been black tusk before who were the people who fixed it in 2015, how did the technology to fix the achievement become unavailable?

You were in the process of taking over the franchise and decided to get rid of the support technology for 4 of the games?

I’d rather be told we won’t do it because it’s a f load of work and really not cost effective than that. #justbehonest

Got I hate myself for using a hashtag

Best regards


Wish they could fix this too. It’s the only one I’m missing in every game minus closing out a few more in 4. Gears is the only game I hunt achievements in now and sucks I can’t get the last one in J bc of bad rotating events and glitched coding along with not letting past events count, only new ones. Literally stuck at 29/30. One event remaining.

It’s 2019 and for them to say there is no work around is hard to believe.

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Well they say there’s is but the amount of time and effort, testing is not worth the possibly risk to possibly break the game. However I can’t play the game online anyways so for all I care they can break away.

If you get me the technology you need to fix it, I’d change the ribbon in the code for you free of charge till the day I die once a week @TC_Octus

Also what I thought of if you’d award one for each game mode in the normal/vip/dlc playlist would that be possible?

This thing keeps me awake at night. I don’t even care about the chevo anymore I just wanna figure out a way to solve the problem.

Happy Friday and happy tech testing everyone!