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GoW:J Sybarite ever get fixed?

(Duffman GB) #21

They have mentioned more than once they are not fixing.
I do agree with you, luckily I have it as I was one of the few Gearsheads that played it from the get go.
Hopefully they reconsider for you guys.

(Fatalist Flames) #22

I think they mean the Prizeboxes, which weren’t for cash, they were for getting ribbons in game. They were right about certain achievements being tied to certain skins though, like “Golden Artifacts” where everyone had to have the Gold Armor with Gold Weapon Skins on Museum map. The Gold skins were in Rare Prizeboxes.

(GhostofDelta2) #23

This is correct.

(Duffman GB) #24

Fair enough :+1:
I knew I hadn’t spent any money on them though.


I’m pretty sure the car 13 skins were only available if you bought one of the dlc packs. You have to have those for the you looking at me achievement.

(lPayneToTheMaxl) #26

Then a gears product wont get a single penny from me until it does

(Deadsektor) #27

Lol tc doesn’t care about you, u keep ranting about this achievement and tc has commented many times that they will NOT do it so deal with it move on

(I NVIII I) #28

Is there any decent way at getting a thread noticed by TC? used to have 25/30 but have been reset and want this still.Surely it isn’t an impossible task to update it, Gears 2 had an achievement fixed recently and Gears 3s events from what I heard work fine ribbon wise.

(NailedHand) #29

Where the hell is my achievement? I’m tired waiting when TC fixes this. More then two years of waiting! I told all my friends not to buy Gears 4 or 5. Because it’s only money pump machine, nothing else! Obviously, devs don’t treat you like a human, they loves your bucks. And you know what? Almost none of my friends not bought Gears 4 and not going to buy Gears 5.

P.S. Good luck with our money dear TC! It’s ours financial revenge, hah!


Im still annoyed by this! I literally have 100% in every gears game except this one.
Gears 1 100%
Gears 2 100%
Gears 3 100%
Gears 4 100%
Gears Ultimate Edition 100%
Gears Judgment 97% ugh…
I love gears and it saddens me that this is the only achievement standing between me and perfection for Gears. All that time put in gone to waste.