GoW:J Sybarite ever get fixed?

As the title says. Does anyone have the info from the old forum?

It hasnt sadly. Only achievement I need from Judgment, so I will be over the moon if it eventually does.

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I don’t know how some people got 100% Achievement completion in Gears Judgment, when Sybarite wasn’t working.

It was initially. You needed to play 30 events, where each event had a ribbon in the backend. The problem was that if you missed a week, you would have to wait for that exact ribbon to come up again. Eg if i missed week 25, I would need to wait until week 55 to get it.

I was two off IIRC. There was also no way to tell which ribbons were needed.


Only one I’m missing too

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I’m sure TC have stated more than once that it is not being fixed :frowning:

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It is one of those stupid achievements that people actually thought over. Seriously these people have no consideration for the future comers. Nor they even thought that someday this pesky achievement wouldn’t be achievable.

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Yes, as they don’t have the equipment to test for 360 patches.

The only option i can think of is that MS force unlocks it, and I don’t know how possible that is.

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I got it…I don’t know how but I got it

Lol what do you mean you don’t know how? Obviously you played a lot of Gears Judgment special events. It was the ONLY way to get it. You just happened to be one the lucky who did it while events were still actively changing. :wink:

That’s what I meant…I knew how to get it but I never kept track of it and one day POOF it popped up…like I didn’t care about it

It only stopped working after the events started recycling. I made sure to hit every event the first time so I was able to get mine.

I got lucky there and unlucky with ultimate edition. My kill counts have been randomly reset multiple times so I can’t get Seriously to unlock.

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I missed alot of events but I’m not sure how many I completed. If they do the special event again maybe we do it again.

I only got it because soon after launch they noticed the game was dying VERY quickly (/they didn’t really want to support it; hell even make it. Lol) so they changed the event daily or something. Managed to get it that way.

#Blessed. That game was utter trash. Hated damn near every moment of it. But still completed, 100%. Gears love/dedication is a curse some times. Lol

I remember within a couple months of release the entire population playing Judgment was even less than half of just the KOTH players still playing Gears 3 at the same time.

That may be why they didn’t carry the total player population count function over to Gears of Four; If you saw how many people were left playing it you may stop playing it too.

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It was more telling how terrible Judgement was compared to Gears 3. That’s for sure. I just powered through it and managed to 100% it. Got lucky for sure. Lol.

Btw it’s still true today. No one plays judgment. Gears 3 still has a population.

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Hey @the-coalition, its time to get this fixed already

Its unacceptable to leave an MS first party game essentially unable to be completed 100%, a game you’re still continuing to sell on your store

Nobody is asking for constant events every week, just some sort of update to make the achievement actually possible to unlock

Please get it sorted, people have been waiting years for this to be fixed


Gears Judgment also had achievements tied to cash only skins. Lame

Did it ? I have all cheveos apart from the Booska double kills and do not remember purchasing any loot boxes ?

Do you mean dlc pack ones, which Gears 3 did as well ?

Coincidentally I was playing J this morning.

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