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GoW:J achievements and medals glitched?

(wolfeboy1) #1

I have never recieved a single double kill medal in this game, yet I have blown 2 people up with tickers at the same time and killed multiple people at the same time with the Oneshot. I am I doing something wrong or is this just permanently glitched? I cannot get the “Surprise!” achievement because of this.



(GhostofDelta2) #3

Is this against players or bots? Bots do not count in Judgment.

(mizzelphug) #4

You have to play live matches against real people for ribbons to work.

(wolfeboy1) #5

I have over 50 percent of ribbons unlocked. I have received ribbons when playing against bots. People on TA also say the achievement is possible with bots. Why are these specific ones not unlocking.

(GhostofDelta2) #6

You do not and never have received double (*or more) kill ribbons in multiplayer against bots in Judgment.

I know its weird as its the only game to do this. And yes other ribbons work but not those ones.