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GOW 5 tech test. Not showing on monitor

When loading gears 5 Tech test i have an issue where my screen goes black but i can still hear the intro. I have two monitors, one is 4k 60hz which gears 5 works fine on. the other is a 1440p 144hz which gears will not work on.
I have updated to the latest drivers for my RTX 2080 but still the same issue.

Any ideas?

I should also note that i have attempted to change the resolution of the 1440p monitor to 1080p with no luck. And i tried at 60Hz with no luck.

Intro to what? The test doesn’t start until Friday.

Its true you cant play. However, you can load up the game and you can watch an intro of sorts.

Oh right right I gotcha

That’s a driver issue. But there’s a workaround. Roll back to windows 98 second edition and you should be good to go.

If you’re having trouble with your mouse during the tech test try a packard bell model. You may need to remove the ball and pick out the lint with your fingers.

TC is working with their partners.

Nvidia should be releasing a new driver for the tech test.

Hopefully that will fix your issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replys, Turns out if i have just a single monitor connected it works fine. Kind of a weird issue.

Anyway i can play atleast hopefully there is a fix soon from nvidia.

Thanks guys.

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