GOW 5 should be free to play

just sell packs. Fortnight is gonna take over esports anyway, bring everyone onboard with free 2 play.


They’ll prob do that some point.
Gears 1 became free with Judgment.
Gears 2 and 3 became free at some point, I think?
I’m sure the same might happen for UE and 4, later on.
Gears 4 is already free to play, for anyone with Game Pass.
Just not for whole month like Games with Gold, or similar yet.

It will be free with the Game Pass.


I wonder if they will have another incentive like they had with this one…meaning you get the other four GOW games for free for pre-ordering…Perhaps pre-order 5 and get the GOW 4 for free

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I would honestly hate if they done that. The pack system is bad enough now, if that was the only source of revenue, the game would be 100x worse. Everything would be locked behind crates, and they would most likely remove scrap.

I would not like that. Given the current trend with the increasing awareness and action of national and state Governments over MT’s, it is likely that in a few years, packs like the ones we see in Gears 4 will no longer be legal.

So it may get to the point where TC is running at a loss on Gears 5.

And with the amount of content that is available in Gears compared to Fortnite, no offense Fortnite players, it wouldn’t be profitable for TC. I know people would spend money on packs, but if Geras 5 became free-to-play, even me being a hardcore fan, I wouldn’t spend a penny. I know I alone won’t make much of a difference, but a lot of people will share my viewpoint, and that, would make a difference.


Gears compared to fortnite I’m sure takes a buttload more resources to create. Probably not a wise decision right now. They gotta get their money somewhere. Packs are already bad.

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So many people buy the game just for campaign, and then maybe a little horde after that. They will lose tonnes of money because those people won’t buy packs. It would be nice if they could make it work though.

Make the campaigns DLC. And Fortnite is taking over esports because you can just buy what you want instead of throwing money at a RNG and hoping you get the skin you want before you drop a hundred dollars.

My jaw dropped at seeing that a skin in Fortnight will cost ya around 15 bucks, until I saw people getting suckered into these esport packs in Gears. Now, 10-15 for a skin seems very reasonable to me.

I love the female UIR skins, and would gladly pay 15 dollars for the Black Steel one. But gambling on it? Hell to the no.

thats why u make multiplayer free. but charge for the campaign and cosmetics.

i think, i think, i think … pff
what do u really know?

Agree. Honestly I think, after this fiasco with MP in 4, that would be the only way for player base to recover

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how much is game pass?

Depends on duration.
I saw it could just be ÂŁ1.

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Gamepass is $9.99 a month

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