GOW 5 Predictions

Here are my predictions for Years 5, I won’t be staring obvious one such as discovering Myrrah and the locus origins as it’s confirmed we will find out.
Cole Train death
Cliffhanger ending
Red hering: What I mean is t the games gonna constantly be leading t you to believe kait will become bad but I believe JD will be the villian of Gears 6.
Carmine death (obviously)
Hoffman is dead before gears 5
Return of General Raam
Flashback sequence (Maybe it Delta in the new hope facility where you can play as dom and marcus)
Kaits necklace is a key
Jinn will be killed by JD and he will take over being more ruthless then jinn
Anyas death explained
Female carmine
Settlement 2 explained and maybe a flashback where will we see Clay,Jace and more gears/civilians being killed by DBees
Del killed
Sea monster battle
Second Betty and Jack Jr. Make a return
I will now give my MP predictions
Return of the pack system along with unlockable characters
Return of esport supporter packs but not black steel
Weapon attachments
Grenade weapon skins
Character specific executions (general raam picks you up and beheads you or Clayton carmine rips your throat out)
Less dlc maps but more unique ones (no more impact dark)
Ability to shoot helmets off
Create a gear/Create a grub
Animated embleme
Universal tuning

That’s all feel free to leave yours below. Can also be a wishlist.

How would that make sense?

Raaam had his time it’s best they don’t resurrect him.

Yes to this with a new helmet variation.

Black steel is so lame👎. Also no rng for e-sport packs.

Gotta nice imagination man, A for effort!

I can’t tell whether this post is serious or not.

The idea of create a gear/grub

That would be awesome

Lol I know some points are dumb but these are just what came to mind when I was writing for two minutes there not all serious.

Pretty sure this game will lose more fans than they will bring in if they kill Cole man

I don’t like the idea of RAAM returning either but in the trailer you see a grub wake up when he heard Myrrah at the same time kai t does and d the only locus t known to have psychological link with Myrrah is RAAM. As for the red hering/villian switch i believe that it would suck to play as someone only to have them turn into a villian but maybe JD won’t be a villian but kait won’t either.

Well, it’s also said in the Gears 3 bio that Myrrah can see what Spotters see. so it’s not just Raam.

They’ve pretty much set up the idea that Kait is Myrrah’s granddaughter. It’s hard to sell a story on an outcome that everyone seems to have figured out so I’m expecting big twist on this, so that it’s not so obvious.

I’m talking in terms of speaking telepathically but I don’t know about the spotters that’s cool. But Myrrah is seeing though their helmets not their eyes so it’s not really telepathy.