GOW 5 Idea: trampled mechanic

To attempt to stop or lessen humping/teabagging, “The Coalition” should Implement an auto kill feature that is triggered by the player being within a close proximity of the downed enemy.

I’ll explain this further, so basically someone downs an enemy, If they move their character too close to their enemy they should instantly trample over the downed enemy and that should count as a kill instantly. Right? So by implementing this into the game this could stop people from humping/teabagging, because there would be no point, if you have the high chance of instantly causing death. Just an idea that will go a long way, I believe this would keep the flow of the game going, this should stop people from feeling discouraged when playing Gears of War 5.

Also this will help out the new guys in gals when they down enemies, they will now have no choice but to instantly kill the enemy if they are right beside them. In all likelihood this will prevent giving the enemy the opportunity to stand up and kill the player and their fellow teammates, lets say getting their fellow veteran comrades killed in action because of their carelessness or their inability to understand how the game works. This is not “Call Of Duty” , people get back up. Lol.

On a sidenote if this mechanic was implemented, the devs would have to be careful about not disrupting the ability to allow executions to be initiated. Perhaps the execution prompts can began to appear on the screen from a further distance then normal. Just food for thought.

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Let’s see now…

Wall of text, first of all. Break it up, it’ll encourage people to take the post more seriously.

As for the idea, in my opinion it’s a colossal no.

The very first problem, which you’ve attempted to address, is what if the standing person has no intention of t-bagging and is simply trying to execute their down, only to be rewarded with some lowly “trampled” finish. Not good. Long distance execution causes another issue as well, if an enemy was close to being revived by a teammate only to be executed from 10 ft away by use of the Force.

It’s difficult to understand where your points are going in the middle of that paragraph, but new players will need to adapt. Toxicity will always be a part of the game, subsequently t-bagging will as well. You’ll never escape it. People hump with meatshield, people dance from a distance using the enemy’s “killcam”, people tag smokes as you’re reviving, people block you into corners. The list goes on. This game is not for the frail minded, for all those that can’t handle the community’s brutality, I’d recommend getting the Season Pass for Viva Piñata.


Once again, someone wanting to change Gears of War. This would have so much backlash because people want the curb stomp, beat down etc etc. If you don’t want to get t-bagged/humped, it’s quite simple. Do Not Play the Game.


I do not want curb stomp, beat down or etc to go anywhere.

The only time this existed was when playing a Berserker in Gears 3 Beast Mode. You could charge over enemies, and you would have trampled them to death. But smaller characters, it wouldn’t make sense. Executions are part of the gameplay.

Lol. You literally just made a thread complaining about “kill stealing”. This idea would exacerbate it to grand new levels😂

You humor me


So Gears of War Judgment all over again?

Gears of Duty was near-universally hated for several reasons, and one of which is that it deviated from the core mechanics too much. Also:

  • no executions in versus
  • only 2 guns with a Y button quick swap
  • 1 button off-hand grenade toss
  • Red v Blue/ No Locust
  • relied heavily on vertical game play (not necessarily bad but didn’t feel like Gears)
  • weapons were uncomfortably tuned beyond the familiar
  • and Damon Baird is a c*ck.
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It’s as @GB6_Kazuya said people do this after they kill you and the killcam switches to their screen they t-bag and hump etc etc . Seriously man grow up and stop being so childish and mad/salty about this. This obviously shows how easily you get triggered and if you show these signs while in game of course others will continue to do it because it gets to you no matter what game title it is.

Stop trying to get this game to cater towards yourself because many gears veterans want the core of Gears to stay the same. One thing that Gears of war 4 did was remove the “fuckboy spotted” quote from El-P all because of some oversensitive whiny little person crying about it.

Maybe TC should make a special little safe place gears of war just for you where the locusts wear clown costumes and the guns shoot glitter and rainbows because this game is wayyy too scawwy for you :frowning:


The snowflakes are taking over

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Two big reasons why this idea wouldn’t work:

  1. most skilled players don’t teabag (at least not habitually). Instead they prefer to get kills ASAP. Like soldiers in the Vietnam war, they’d get some “step ons” as quickly as they could Down enemies. They’d spend less ammo and time on kills.

  2. in chaotic situations where a DBNO player might have escaped and survived, they would now be highly likely to die because an enemy stepped near them. This would greatly reduce the amount of revives and saves.

Teabagging is, unfortunately, just a part of video gaming right now. Think of it this way…

…Teams that teabag you show they didn’t get enough satisfaction from defeating you. They had to scrape and dig for more satisfaction. In doing so, they make fools of themselves (for some teabaggers this is their aim; to act foolishly for everyone’s amusement). A few teabaggers do it to throw you off your game and make you easier to kill next time, but this “4D chess” only works if you take insult. In short: if they teabag, they’re showing that they need your imagined frustrations to feel better about themselves. Or they want to “tilt” you and make you play worse.

Extended executions are a double-edged sword. They don’t really serve a purpose, and they delay the next match or round by 10-20 seconds. But executions as a whole add panache and edge to Gears MP, which is a good thing for MP. Let’s not take away executions just because some players abuse them.

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you could always train to become a professional hacker and just make anyone your b1t(h whenever people decide to teabag you and stuff, put extreme fear in these people and show them that their actions will have consequences and terrify them by calling out their address etc :laughing::smiling_imp:

Define “skilled”
I ask this because, from my experience, T-baggers are commonplace in most ranks.
Now I will say, extended beatdowns are usually only in silver-gold lobbies

Yeah. Once played against a guy on Koth that just ran around with his enforcer and downed/tbagged everyone for his own enjoyment

Now I never T-bag first. I will only do it to a player if they have already done it to me or my team. And it does usually throw them off their game. The start rushing you, making them an easy kill.

WHOA!!! lmao…Yes!!! This is by for the most spot on response on the history of the Gears forums if you ask me. The OP might’ve quit the forums because of his post too. He hasn’t chimed in on this since my response to the execution response I wrote.


I know. Not bad for a soy-boy Canadian😂


Totally I wonder what new ones we will be getting. Hopefully TC have been playing/watching MK11 for inspiration

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I’m looking forwards to the execution for spiked mace. There still hasn’t been an official name for it. The new lancers without chainsaw bayonet, how would the execution look like without chainsaw? We will see.

Perhaps putting the muzzle up to their chest and blowing them up?

Nah, they won’t be able to implement anything like that into the game. We will def see the weapon executions that are boring. A gun slam, a gun swing to the head, breaking a neck with the gun on there throat etc etc. I don’t think they will be completely new and blow us away with them.

So like the scorcher execution? But blowing them up with grenade launcher… I think that might be over the top…

You think so? I mean maybe launching them into the air and then blowing up just like the Dropshot then but completely blowing them into pieces?