GOW 5 Game Bugged?

I am working through Insane on Co-Op and my Act 2 - Chapter 3 Forest for the trees isn’t showing the image for being completed . It doesn’t say incomplete, both the solo and the co-op frame are just black. I’ve quit the game, I’ve completely restarted the xbox, I’ve played other games, I’ve redone the mission, but it’s still black. Any one else have this problem or suggestions?

Sounds like a potential server delay my dude.

Check again in 24 hrs to see if the issue is fixed. :+1:

its been almost 48 hours, plus it used to show my solo difficulty (experienced) but since completing on insane that’s gone too.

Man I dunno what to tell ya.

I haven’t had the issue myself to that extent.

I’m sorry for you my dude.

I finished it in Co op today on insane and it gave me the chievy, so it must be a visual bug! It still doesn’t show but i’ve done it. thanks! I think I’ve done all the campaign achievements now.

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