GOW 5 Crashing after 10mins of running 1600x/ r9 390

Ok I bought the game the other day along with with 2 gow pads . $$$

At first the game would last 5 mins then i updated the display drivers and it was working and it stayed on all night and never crashed .
and the day after it was up to it tricks again but it would last about 10mins at least then crash

With the i get a few seconds of skipping sound then gow will closed back to the desktop with no error msg
i had a mess round with my sound devices , disabled my mobo one and just used my 390 amd hdmi for sound , changed the sample rate and bit depth to 24 98k and had a mess with that .
downloaded fxsound (dfx) see if that will help but nothing .

other games work fine pc works fine . im using currently using v 19.9.2 radeon software .

any help would be greatly appreciated