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GoW 5 can you PLEASE bring MANSION back?!

Technically they had Annex though and wasn’t one of the hills on the track?

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Yeah but it took a while for them to add that in.

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True true

Mansion, Jacinto, River, Ruins. Please bring all of these back. As for Blood Drive - rm -rf ./all/repos/with/

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Just troll everyone.
Have a map labeled as River but when it loads up it’s just Blood Drive again.

This time make the windows in spawn even larger than before but with a far more narrow section that will allow you to leap out so teams pile up on one another extra nice.

River and ruins for suuuuure! I would love to see a hive version of ruins.

Also just to drive people crazy bring back bullet Marsh :joy::joy::joy:

Kryll wouldn’t be back this time that’s for sure.

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They could replace it with the new swarm stuff that flys around!

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Next up date. 3 months. Please. Oh and fix all the online issues. Can’t see stats or anything.

The “dark” atmosphere was caused by a crap color palette and muddy graphics. Hard pass on that look.

YASSSSSSSS! Bring it back!

Would love to see mansion come back! Especially with rain and night time/dark atmosphere D0NUT was talking about above.

It would be sweet if TC did a poll for the community and picked like the top 3 old school maps or something to bring alongside whatever else they have planned.

That is a map everyone can agree on for sure. I’d like my gears 3 movement/mechanics too.