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GoW 5 can you PLEASE bring MANSION back?!

Small and limited? Terrible for a close quarters cover-based shooter.

But sure, why not? Let’s have a map double the size of sandbar for a 5v5 where it’ll take a whole 5 minutes to travel to the center. Sounds fun.

whatever. same game over and over. blood drive, gridlock, etc. it’s so old at this point. People just can’t move on. Not saying we shouldn’t have any of them back but if all the maps are always the same how do you ever change the game up? People just want Gears 1 over and over and they literally gave people that and it wasn’t nearly as popular as everyone claimed. Some of us want to move forward. A little nostalgia is understandable but if we have the same maps without changes then we have to have the same gameplay.

Who said anything about Gridlock and Blood Drive?

There are some good maps to choose from to bring back.

No one is saying the entire next game should only have remade maps.

But a few, definitely, old with the new.

75% New
25% Old

Good balance.

Gears isn’t run and gun, it’s hard for people to understand if it’s all they have been used to.

I myself almost never got into it because of that very reason, it felt so unfamiliar, until my friends would ask me to come on with them all those years ago and then I got it.

Just bring back all the maps like in ultimate edition but include Gow 2 Maps like River, also bring back taking pics when u die and free roam cam from Gow2

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Gears 1 mansion was and still is my favorite map of all time! The atmosphere, the sound of the rain, everything about it had me hooked! I’ve played countless 19 round matches of execution on that map and I miss it. I know we got it back in later gears but they changed it too daytime and it never felt the same. It sounds silly but the nighttime and rain is what sold that map for me!

Since we’re seeing Sires returning, maybe we might see Stasis? I personally really liked that map, and Hail. Not community favorites I think, but they’re personal favorites of mine. Would love to see some of those maps return too, unlikely, but will remain hopeful!

I’m just imagining them combining Windflares with Razor Hail which would just shred everyone on the map.

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The razor hail I thought was a unique edition to Hail. Made for some interesting plays at times

Man now you’re making me all nostalgic for og maps…

Yes! One of my favorite maps.

Why not also add a dark mist to it as well? :smiling_imp:

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Sounds good to me :+1: the eerier the better.

The only Gears 2 map of those is Jacinto

Yes!! Bring back Manstion and Tyro station it’s a must everyone loves these gears 1 maps


Omg tyro station haha I forgot about that map! I also low key miss roof tops

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The train horn followed by the train running people over was always funny :laughing:

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Especially on KotH.

Well that wasn’t in the original version Gears of war on Xbox 360 which is the one I played for a long time till the sequels.


But on UE it was hilarious.

Too bad I never got to see it.