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GoW 5 can you PLEASE bring MANSION back?!

River jacinto and mansion will make me happy af …I miss mansion but was definitely happy to see avalanche make a return in 4.


Sorry, it’s not that bad of a map. I just have too many bad memories from Gears 1 on that map before I knew how to play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then that’s fair enough :joy:

I was actually referring to the already huge amount of maps available, TC has plenty of oldskool maps to pick from, making the picking of one specific map less likely. Since they’ve had quite the criticism for the amount of old maps in Gears 4 my guess is that we’ll be seeing less oldskool maps compared to newer ones.

I don’t exactly disagree as I like most love Mansion but my hope is for all new maps at launch and for the maps that come later to be 75% new maps much like Gears 3 where when a map pack came out it would be 3 new maps and 1 remaster of a map that was really popular.

TC has said that their goal is to release as much NEW content as possible.


Yes, definitely.

There is very rarely a time when I visit these forums and something doesn’t wish it was late 2011 and Gears 3 was just released…

Let’s hope Gears 5 has learned much from its predecessor, and I believe we can start by abolishing the entire ranking system altogether. Problem solved.

I’ve been saying that since Forever lol i would love to see Mansion by far one the top best maps in the Franchise !!.

Absolutely agree. My favourite map of all time. Hated that we got Hotel instead, since there somewhat similar layouts.

I don’t think it needs to be abolished all together but agree that it needs some work. Gears needs a ranking system for matchmaking purposes. There are some changes that I think Gears needs and some Ranking system adjustments are one of them but I have faith that TC will make the necessary adjustments for Gears 5 and we will have a much better ranking experience.

Abolished. It causes more problems than it’s worth.

Gears 3 didn’t have it, and there was no issues. No reason for people’s attitudes to affect gameplay and no countless forum posts complaining either.

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I see your point there and dont disagree. Maybe keep it hidden for matchmaking purposes and juat bring back ranked leaderboards for people to grind at instead of rank.

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Yes. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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If it ain’t broke, make it better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::muscle:

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Haha, touché my good man :joy:

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Yes! I miss kung fu flipn

How about a Gears of War 2 map for once that isn’t Blood Drive.

I’d welcome Mansion back with open arms :raised_hands: River, and Jacinto also Lambert version or not.

Hopefully not unless they dramatically change it. Those old maps are simply so small and limited. Everyone wants the past on forums and its sad after a while. Nostalgia is just so limiting

I can’t really think of any “Small Maps” or Maps that wouldn’t work from 1-3.

But still:

Nothing wrong with wanting the best back in future games.

The classics will always be classics.

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Old good ones + New is good way. Im glad that other games like cs have lots of New maps, dust, inferno, aztec, office… . No need for change if People likes to play them

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