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GoW 5 can you PLEASE bring MANSION back?!

Im thinking Gears just needs to go full Master Chief collection and throw them all together already. Cant believe this hasnt happened yet already. All of us want so many maps back.

Except Overpass. That map can burn in the depths of Trump tower in hell.


Each game’s mechanics are quite different and so one game at a time would be good and keep it fresh. Plus TC can have maximum effort as possible per title to give it a true Remaster that it deserves.

Not really. They had to rebuild it in Unreal4 already when they made GearsUE. They can port it straight over like Canals, Gridlock, Raven Down, and Fuel Depot since the assets are already built in the new engine.

Day 1 was essentially Raven Down with catwalks. (plus the obvious helicopter replaced with a gaping hole in the street) The upper levels were a good break from the usual Raven Down monotony though.

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In a sense, yes. I’d still like to see it in action with the speed of Gears 4.

I’ve mentioned my love of Mansion on the dev streams regularly. It’s my all time favorite map and I miss it so much :frowning:

I approve of this message.

I’ve got fond memories of Day One - all those hours in Horde and Guardian camped upstairs in a desperate backs-to-the-wall last stand! Ice always preferred it to Raven Down.

I think given what TC have said about new maps needing to flow and have less deadends in them for camping, that they would have to update Day One for it to be viable. Maybe add some additional stairs to each walkway so there were two way up and down?

They could extend the catwalks so they go across the streets and connect, completing the required loop with one another, but then they would be getting into the COD style map-designs we saw in Judgment.

Love Mansion in Gears 1 and Gears 2.

I’m hoping River comes back.


River was possibly the most requested map for Gears 4, it’s certainly going to make a comeback in Gears 5.


River & Ruins :raised_hands:

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not my favourite map but it would be nice to see it return. Wouldn’t be that hard either, seeing how it’s on UE anyway.

I second that, so many good memories on Ruins :+1:

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Mansion is an awful map.


We need River, Gears 2 Jacinto, and Pavilion.

Basically, more Gears 2 maps.

A few from 1/2/3/4 would be appreciated for sure.

Each game has worthy maps to bring back.

I wish TC would do votes via the game on things to get player engagement.

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A vote would be nice! I bet River would win first place :smiley:

People have been wanting that back for the last two games. Hope they bring it back for 5. With the snow and mountains, it would already fit the wintry environment of Gears 5.

I saw you would like Ruins back as well, any other favorites you would like to see return?

I want River back but I want Ruins back more, with the Flamethrower :ok_hand:

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Gears 2 had the best maps by far, Pavilion would be beautiful to see return.

…but you can’t speak ill of the original Mansion! Shame on you :open_mouth:

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any map is going to be subject to them trying to fit it into their esport focus. this was the reason why River never made it into Gears4.

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