GOW 4 ranks dropping ? TC, stop it

My teammates and I have been dropping 20-40% per match loss. I won 3-4 KOTH matches with MVP and didn’t go up at all. As soon as I lost one, I went down 30%. I was Diamond 2 and now Onyx 3 (about to be onyx 2) after about 5 or so loses but with a lot of wins in between.

In TDM I dropped about 40% after one loss while in Diamond 4. My rank hasn’t increased % in over a week.
Another diamond 4 player is now Diamond 1 after only a few loses.

What’s going on?? TC, is this another ploy of yours to get us to switch to Gears 5?? Stop it it’s not going to work.


Looks like they stealth ported over the broken ranking system from 5 to 4 :rofl:

I also heard someone say they enabled map voting again… But when I played it yesterday, I couldn’t vote. Map was auto selected instantaneously.


Who cares about ranks in an old game lol

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Funny, Gears 5 looks older than 4.

And I’d also like to know what happens to the ranks, and when they’re going to fix it.
I got down from diamond 4 to diamond 1 for losing only 3 games.
Ah but when I win nothing goes up.

And I hope this isn’t a ruse to force us to move to 5 because I’d rather stop playing Gears than play that crap game.


Lol nah man. I agree with all the issues with multiplayer rn but looks older than 4? Not even close.

It’s your opinion and it’s respected, but the Gears 5 multi not only looks older (worse graphics, rougher and slower mobility) but also feels older and less dynamic.
The 4 is more frenetic, with a much better gameplay.

Gameplay aspects I agree but that wasn’t what your post was initially implying.

God ray effects, environmental textures have been updated, lightning textures, fog effects, character models, shadow casting, particle effects, and glooming effects have all been improved. If you put the games side by side you will see major improvements.

Digital foundry even confirmed it on their website stating the detail in multiplayer is better than 4. Maybe to the eye 4 looks better to you and that’s fine my man. But on a technical standpoint it is miles better than 4.

The people that still play it I imagine.


D5 > Gold 2 currently. I don’t really care, I just keep playing anyway.

Obviously, I prefer they fix it,


Just a shame its a broken mess…ok though the store is open and working just fine :grin:


Yeah, dropped from Onyx 3 to Onyx 2 with just a couple losses…
This is getting insane, they even went and messed up 4 now, as if they didn’t crap enough on 5


Probably you play it on console but in my case I play on PC and both games are set between Ultra and crazy and I can tell you that Gears 4 looks more defined, sharper and with more quality.

The game looks with an excess of FXAA filter (typical to save resources).
I compare the models of the characters and in Gears 5 they look less defined and with less detail when playing, and I confirmed that with the roasted imago they just gave.

And yes, Gears 5 has more effects, but the only one that stands out is the flash light, the other effects are poor and mediocre for what we know the EU4 can give.

For a game 3 years newer, the “improvements” were disappointing.


They’re removing Gears 4 ranked playlists in january so enjoy it while it lasts.

I agree I dropped from onyx 3 to onyx 1 in just 3 matches. TC is sour that most of the gears player base is on gow4. Before I decided to quit gow4 I played 3 more matches I won 2 in a row and still ranked down.then lost 1 but in 1st place and dropped 20%. Idk man but if TC is behind this. This has to be the some of the most despicable stunt any game dev. has done. Well, they won (TC),I went to gears 5 and tried the game after not playing it for 2 months. I figure “maybe they improved the game” I played reclaimed. wow all I have to say is everyone is melee gnasher melee gnasher. Like wtf has this game turned into. 60% of my deaths were because of the melee. My gear spirit is broken I official hate gears franchise. Thanks TC for ruining GOW. You will forever be known for the dev. Who ruin such a successful franchise .


Na gears 4 looks way older because it is.

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People try and play older games because the new ones are just about making as much money as possible. I am never happy about buying a newer game because they change it into a store and never really tell you what they are going to do with it truthfully as it ages.

I can’t speak for PC but that’s interesting to know for sure. I think the game still looks phenomenal but if PC version isn’t looking as good as Gears 4 that’s surprising man. I heard The Coalition also launched an update for AMD users that improve visuals but idk if that’s gonna change anything drastically lol.

U don’t move with the times u get left behind

Did this logic work with Gears of war: Judgment?

Not like it’s the exact same situation or anything but it’s food for thought nonetheless.

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Does not change the fact they’re are players on older games.