GOW 4 quickplay total garbage

I’m not talking about the gameplay. I’m talking about the garbage TC has let continue. Matches with 10 players in every list but not in game. Matches that don’t even out anymore. Most of the time if there are 7-8 players then the match will be 2v5, 3v5. Players never clear anymore when leaving. Matches take a ridiculous long time to start because of “ghosts”. My opinion of TC is really low. This has been going on for weeks now and it doesn’t look as if anyone in charge gives a rat’s @$$.

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Agreed they’ve ruined this game I’m in Aus and it is literal ■■■■

Don’t know why they can’t fix it. Not making money on gears 4 anymore. want everyone to switch over to 5? I don’t know :thinking:

I noticed this a few days ago when playing Gears of War 4, I still prefer to play 4 as there is no Flash Bangs and 8 rounds in the Gnasher :grinning:

The player list had ten gamer tags in it with only four people in the game, I started to click on the gamer tags and some of the gamers’ had not been on there Xbox for 2days or they were “on the dash board” 1 minute ago?

it’s like a rigged election where voters are bought back from the dead to vote to elect the corrupt. In this case phantom gamers’ are used to fill lobbies so that we lose interest and play another game.

Please TC Can this issue be sorted, I have been told many times if I do not like Gears 5 then play another game, so I am trying to play a game I have enjoyed for years and a “bug” is stopping me.


I agree, this needs to be fixed. I also play 4 because it actually plays/feels like a true gears game.

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I’ve tried messaging TC on Twitter but never get a response

I have been told that TC do read the forums.

:crossed_fingers:Hopefully they will fix this.

I did have a game yesterday with 10 people in it then back to the norm.

Played a few games this afternoon and same same made a rough cut video to show what we are talking about.

happy viewing

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