GoW 4 Horde Mode

I just love how I’m trying to play Horde and we all load in and everyone just leaves immediately. This game is great dude.

That is quite normal. And if youre playing low level (or someone Else) in high difficulty, most high lvl stop playing at instant. Im only re-up 2 lvl 43 and it seems i have no rights to play inconceivable and it rly sucks. Its like i make 1 mistake in first 5 rounds and every one leaves with laughs. Maybe ill just grind insane til re-up10 to get raam and then stop playing.

I understand that it could be really Hard to play with 1 Who dont do so good but it also make harder to get better for that one.

They really should give us harder lites and 25wave bounty. Maybe that would get 10 or 20wave (those could be removed) bounty hunters out from 50wave horde

I’m re up 6 and yeah I totally agree with you on that but TC don’t care what the fans want. It’s about what all the pro players want. Like how all the pros helped tune both core and comp settings for this game.

Money talks! Atleast they gived us osok for some time and lite for starters (like me) so im not fully dissapointed in TC. And i had atleast 3/4 succesful insane 50waves at weekend even 1 was with 4players after 20. I would like feature that gives even 2min break at 25 wave and it could be skipped if everyone wants.

It also depends on team composition. No scout and engie and people tend to quit right away.

Also there’s no map voting so if you land on reclaimed windflare or habor haze expect people to quit

What level are your classes at?

Players tend to look down on low re ups because most of them have low level classses and don’t have a lot of theirs cards at max.

I have All classes at lvl 10, most cards i use is lvl 5 i have few rare cards on 2 or 3 but im scratching them up atm. And i allways try to build to be Best suited at team play.

As example scout have lvl 5 deposit, i use health boost, regen, dodge, deposit and brawler to just get the power and revive People if have change.

As sniper i use called shot just not for my own boost but giving some +dmg to heavys. And then those boost dmg for me so i can headshot scions.

As heavy i use marked dmg, heavy weapon damage, explosive weapon damage, (my head is blank) that one what gives dmg boost while health drops. And Last stand.

Engineer barrier discount, weaponlocker discount, turret discount, sentry discount and overclock.

As soldier i dont play on higher than hardcore becouse those skills are just too low atm.

I know with good group im capable for inconceivable even now but i dont blame that People still dont want to have me (lower lvl) on group even i know my roles.
Maybe ill just stick for insane.

Try using lfg. You might find people that are willing to play inconcivable with you.

I’m re-up 10 level 81, and players will still quit on incon when they see it. I believe this is true for anyone under Wings

I have never used that? Need to take a look for it.

@DAVID_THE_CLOWN yep, its really a shame and i dont think i have much time at summer to play. so gow5 comes sooner than im “skilled” to play inconceivable. And it might be also that european players havent ever seemed that friendly like People in usa (not pointin anyone, that is just how i feel) . And when you play there its 4am here and if im awake at weekend this time, i’m too wasted to play :thinking:

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