GOW 3 Private Matches Open Invitation

So I’m sure a lot of you from the UK/EU who only played Gears 3, miss the s@*+ out of that game’s multiplayer online…

I’m looking to start getting people adding each other over xbox live, and any one of us from the UK/EU could start hosting private matches, so we don’t get that terrible lag.

Let me know if you’re interested, or better yet find my gamertag and send me a friend request.

Let’s get the GOW3 cogs turning again.

The games dead with no support, I tried to relive the old days only to find my stats an such had been reset :frowning:

I play KOTH several times a week if not daily. Pretty much full teams most evenings. Lag can be a major issue though.
Not really into private matches though but good luck :slight_smile:

But do you guys not get it? Private Matches = NO LAG… Jeez.

maverickmenons is my gamertag. Add me up if any interested in TDM gow 3