Gotta love this game

Who do i gotta send my account info to so i stop demolishing onyx/diamonds and not ranking up. Im on a 16 game win streak on king with absolutely 0% towatds my next rank. Ive won 9 out of my last 10 games in tdm and half had diamonds on opposing team. I moved up 7% from the first game won and nothing at all for the next six then lost my last match and what a surprise, of course it would go down. it really seems like the only way to rank up is to find the one lobby per day that actually works ranking wise. My last post complaining about 2v gnasher lobby. Hopped on next day and went from bronze 2 to gold 3 in a sitting. Its far too annoying. Feel free to get my account info and figure out the issue. just blows my mind that i barely lose. Always go positive but literally have nothing to show for it. TC this is like the 3rd or 4th time ive made a post seeking knowledge as to why the ranking system seems like it has no positive effect for my account for huge majority of my wins…help a fan out please.

What’s your K/D and W/L % ?

Do you play solo or team?

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