Gotta love the super detailed Lambent characters

So there is definitely alot of feedback and controversy of the Lambent skins that was announced today. That feedback discussion aside, I think we should look at the positivity.

At least for the first time, the Lambent characters are finally playable in Gears. The art team has really knocked it out the park with this one and I feel that this is TC’s best character yet. Definitely sould love to see this in 4K resolution.

Though what would have made the characters even better (if it was possible that is):

  • Imusion blood - I dont know why the decison was to keep it like regular blood but it woud have been nice to see if it was glowing yellow which would have bought more uniqueness to the character.

  • Subtle imulsion glow - For the Grenadiers, I feel they should have added in a subtle imulsion glow to pay homage to its first appearance.

So whats your view on the character design?

Just to note, this thread isnt the place to criticise/give feedback about the lambent announcement there is a main thread on that (linked in the beginning of this post) but rather sharing your thoughts on the character design itself and showing your appreciation.


For the blood TC said they wanted to keep it consistent with the red theme for damage dealt and on screen visualisation which I can understand but also imulsion blood is just as easy to visualise too.

I would have loved it if the characters actually pulsates with the imulsion.


This is quite an odd answer imo, deebees have like oil for blood. Surely they can add in another color for the lambent.


Not worth 13 bucks. They don’t look that great at all imo. It’s really stupid to have regular blood.


How come they dont look appealing to you? Just curious.

Either TC didn’t want to invest time into adding in imulsion blood or they truly believe that I guess.

Not sure yet. The drone looks ok, but the grenadiers aren’t how i pictured them. Can’t really put my finger on it. The blood thing is a huge turn off for me though. Seems lazy like usual and then charge that much for them.

The Grenadier is the best imo.

The other two I’m not so fussed about.

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I really have some serious doubts that anything anymore would be PLAYABLE online… Even Lambent characters. Definitely won’t buy them to support TCoffice/LAN/esports fun while online VS MP lately is practically nonexistent, devastated.

i will probably have to at least get thee lambent drone because i do have a sickness. but i feel super detailed would be imulssion filled fun.maybe that just high expectations on my part. but they glow yellow and bleed red wheres the fun in that?

What’s the story on these? Are they purchase-only INDEFINITELY?? Or, will they be CR after a few weeks like Uzil?

Personally, I think they look neat but would likely never play as one because they don’t appeal to me (I like the slender Kantus types or Myrrah). But, I’d like to at least be able to spend my big pile of credits on SOMETHING…

It’'s what I thought it was going to be another locust reskin. The fact they couldn’t even be bother to change the blood type just shows how lazy TC are

limited edition money only and the grenadier(normal) is 1 day only along with the animated set

i think that last bit is what set a lot of people off personally


No, what keeps people away is that the only way to obtain it is through paying

people always complain each time they release a credit pack anyways

people just like to complain it’s either “■■■■ RNG” or “why do i need to pay money” i said it before and i’ll say it here people complained about the big rig dizzy pack when it first released even though it had a mega pack AND a 400 and 2000 credit pack option anything TC does gets complained about regarding characters

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And is not it easier to put a challenge or something like that as the scion ruby ​​and leave it at that?

Or get things as it was in Gears of war 3, by levels, badges and medals, that was good and nobody complained

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wrong there were still people who complained in gears 2 and 3 that some of the characters “were too hard to unlock”

people will always complain and the challenges are meant for every once and a while not everytime TC gets a new idea you dont have to buy them this is exactly what people ask for every single time they release a loot box version of things but now that they got it they want a credit version again just buy one or two of the skins you dont need every single item

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Is that I do not understand, it is better to always leave the two options and not only leave the option of payment that must be added that is excessive only for some characters, the dlc Raam Shadow brought you a lot more things.

I and many people do not complain about the Gears of war 3 system, in fact it is the best there is, When people leave the game for those decisions, they continue to put characters at that price and if they raise it, hopefully in Gears 5 they do the same, it’s the best thing that can happen to us, right? You pay the game and when you go to multiplayer you pay for each character, but hey! That you pay for what you want, you do not have to pay for everything …

i dont work for TC but i’m not going to get mad at them for wanting more money after all the majority of people complaining they dont want to spend money are complaining because they LITERALLY want more money for themselves regardless if they need it or not i’ll give my money to TC in hopes they use it to improve gears 5 even if it is only a little

everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions but there’s one thing about gears 3 you are forgetting,all of the “pre-order” bonus crap they had in it there were a total of 5 pre-order characters that you could only get by pre-ordering from certain stores and then there was adam who was an epic/limited edition only character granted near the end of gears 3 life cycle a few of them did become available now assuming you wanted every character thats a minimum of 5 copies of the game you needed to buy which some people did do mind you


Exactly, so what are the esports packs still? This has been an incorrect way to announce the pack because they are characters that people have been asking for a long time and they never said they were going to be paid, the excited people would think that the pack would be free and what a coincidence that a long-awaited package puts it of payment and they only say it yesterday, for what? For you to buy, your only argument is that people complain about the system of packs but to read 10 people or 15 is not all people who today is still playing the game, people complain obviously of something that is wrong but you know that the box system can be improved? But if they improve it there would be no megapacks, then people would not buy and there would be no money, then you tell me that through challenges people complain, and I repeat that because they complain only a few do not speak for all, those people want everything in the game by minute 1. And finally you set me that example, but that example does not help me, because they had already announced that they were exclusive characters when booking the game but at no time are you paying more than the game costs for them, and if they put it with the passage of the free years, what is wrong? Does it bother you that more people enjoy these characters? You already booked it and you already got it and they were exclusive characters for a while, but as he repeated it was only to reserve them and not to pay more than the game is worth.

Paying and supporting this decision will not improve Gears 5 and I can assure you, Gears is one of my favorite franchises and I do not want them to do bad things, much less that people stop supporting the game, but when something is wrong it is said and nothing happens , not because of my favorite sagas I will defend everything they do and spend all my money on TC,

And people complain not only because they are characters, but because after this, if they succeed, they will do it again with other very expected packs.

It is not the same, if you want to pay for each character even having paid the game before and may the season pass, go ahead, is your money and do what you want with it, but I remember that it is an AAA and not a free to play that now they put you up to the air you breathe to pay and this is going to be my last answer because it seems that we are never going to reach an agreement and the two opinions are quite clear.

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