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Gotta be the first right?

70% of the medals done, now I can quit the grind and play without worrying about missing stuff.



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70% done before full release? That’s some legendary grinding there! Congrats.

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Did you spend iron on the dailys?

The 750 I started with plus like £10’s worth I’ve done almost all of the medals

Nice, I’ve been grinding for this as well. Probably still about another day or two away from it, though.

Did you boost on friends or something? How the F did you get those stupid horde matches as each character, 15k eliminations, and stuff like 500 marcus headshots already?


Horde is the only thing I haven’t done

Hardcore at it’s finest.


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I’d rather have the wife and kids though. Gears won’t come to my funeral.


unlocked on 12/09/19 ?

what am I looking at there

The 12 of September 2019. You see it as December 9, 2019. I know it’s confusing for some people living in different nations.

Nice. Can you post a screenshot of the Team Rock skins?

It’s motivational

Ok lol

Yeah can do, I’ll be online again in the morning I’ll take a screenshot