Got weird over the weekend - Sportmanship in gears?

So some weird happened to me during a match this weekend I thought worthy of a post.

Playing Koth, I’m an onxy 3 player. Most of the time I do just above alright, sometimes I get spanked, and rarely I’ll get on one and play like Jon Wick.

Well, this weekend I got really hot in one match. Was playing a 4-5 stack I believe, all gold 3-onxy 2s. Now I’m talking like one of the best matches of my life lol using only the shotgun I had literally more slays than any two players combined on either team, two different hill clearing quints. That’s weird in itself, but not the weirdest part of the match.

We end up getting spanked 0-2. I was with some silvers and bronze players.

HOWEVER, as the other team is capping the last hill, I was making my final charge only to get downed. The guy who downs me runs up to me pistol out, and I’m ready for a beat down. I see his teammate also approaching and I’m thinking here comes the tbagging and dead horse kicking.

Both teammates get to me and stop. I am confused, so start tapping A to get up. I see another two enemy teammates approaching, still trying to stand up. These other two teammates also stop. I stand up with two seconds left before the end of the match and am surrounded by either 4-5 enemies, all of them have their pistols out looking at me but none are attacking. Match ends with us all just standing there, 5 COG soliders and 1 gearsmas sweater beast.

So amongst the negativity I see posted on here daily, I thought I’d post something that I found to be quite nice, albeit weird. I’d like to hear if anyone has any other stories of what I took to be sportsmanship (although maybe I misinterpreted their intention who knows lol).

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This was terrifying

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That’s what I was thinking.

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Good sportsmanship moments on this game are rare as all get out.

Probably the only thing that tops it for me is the occasional “gg” from the winning team or if an opponent and I down each other and a teammate picks me up so I can finish him off.

That and people simply not choosing to take your kill.

Although as a side note I don’t mind if my kills are taken (actually encourage it) in a lot of situations. But some of them there’s no reason. That’s another topic though.