Got Ultimate Edition. but Boost is only 15 days! Supply does Not show up

It only says I have 15 days boost! Should be 37 days with Ultimate Edition. And it does not show me supply after I earned. Always Zero

TC know and you’re not the only one.

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Without being a spoiler, I don’t think, has anyone mentioned the economy of the game?

Supply drop frequency, xp per mode, campaign xp, etc?

Not yet, I don’t think.

Boost obviously doubles whatever it is though.

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Thanks. Just wondering if the economy was horrible. And I hate starting threads.

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I’m sure it will be good,

Needs to ensure people play but of course not be a massive grind.

I think when you play, you’ll get a better idea tbh.

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Hi there, this is a known issue TC is working on. Closing to keep it to one thread.