Got penalty and suspension because of connection problems

So the map was loading then I’m back in the main menu and can’t even play because now I apparently have a penalty for absolutely no reason your game and your server are ■■■■■■■ garbage

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Thank you for letting us know and apologies for the inconvenience. Your suspension will be lifted in 2 minutes at 11:12 AM PT.


this same thing happened to me and a friend on friday night between 3 and 4 pm EST ,we were in the loading match screen with the countdown clock we were playing King of the Hill ,some one left lobby got dissolved and we got a 15 minute penalty , i emailed Octus about this with the details after our meeting ,i know a few others who this happened to too as well


I still get matches with the enemy team all having Mexican flags on and pings staying above 200 sometimes but rarely 100. Now i’ve played the game for awhile thats the one thing i’ve somewhat adapted to is the lag and sometimes i can get around it. Its just sad that when we see people with really high pings in laggy matches they happen to have the Mexican emblem on. (And i’m pretty sure there are cases where these people aren’t even Mexican) I don’t like making assumptions but i’m on the East Coast of the U.S and i still get these types in like every match. I also don’t like people generalizing and entire race for this kinda stuff. I mean i’ve put the damn emblem on once and had three or four people message me after we won the match saying that kinda crap even though i’m one really white American. The community just keeps getting more toxic every day and theres not stopping it at this point.

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Well… that escalated quickly…

I kinda have to agree though, I have definitely had games connection error out, and then not be able to rejoin them because the rejoin match button never appears and i get banned. With the new penalties, there needs to be a way to make sure this can be avoided.


Can you help me at all by explaining my current suspension from match making? Doesn’t detail a time frame or nothing and I believe I did nothing to deserve it

Yeah I kinda went a bit far but hope I didn’t come off like that other dude

Same happened to me I don’t want to wait for it please somebody help… :frowning: