Got my Gilded Baird skin. So long for now

The last few weeks it’s been a chore to play this game. Been trying to lvl up Lizzie but the bug just makes it unbearable. The drive to play is running out for me. I’ve only been getting on for like 20 mins to do my dailies then go back to MHW: Iceborne or Warhammer 2. I got the last and only thing I wanted from the ToD so good bye.

TC. Call me when the next horde class is introduced and I’ll think about coming back :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sure they will reach out to you directly and personally.



As bad as the game its getting I wouldn’t be surprised that they will send over an email contacting you to come back to the game.

Fewer people is playing more and more.

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Yeah I’m sorry but of all the op 2 tour of duty I only liked gilded baird and the onyx guard and I don’t even use Baird that much
This tour of duty had the lamest rewards ever

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Ah come on. You don’t want pistol fingers? You don’t want the blood red speaker? He doesn’t have any other skins.

I’m not too thrilled about the ToD in general but this one is better than the one that launched at least.

I disagree… The team rock skins which you got at the very end of ToD1 were awesome, and I still love them.

There was NOTHING in ToD2 reward wise which I cared about. I liked the classic and gilded Baird just because I don’t like the ‘new’ look of Baird, but that’s just a small preference…

There was NOTHING in the current ToD which I thought was worth grinding for. Not a single thing… For ME… YMMV.

Yea, haven’t played in weeks, not sure where I stopped on the tour, but it just wasn’t enjoyable and saw no rewards worth the grind unfortunately.

I felt this tod was slightly better in the sense there wasn’t as many useless bloodsprays, pointers and banners. I didn’t compare the 2 side by side but I got the impression they took out more of the useless crap and put in some more skins, executions and iron. But I do agree most of the skins are low quality compared to team rock skins. I do not like Work Out Fahz skin even though i see a lot of people using it.

haha, right?

Now, I have to say that I do love Lizzy - the base skin, her lines, her attitude, her laugh… She has become my favorite cog character to play as… I don’t care about the ‘special’ skins (motorpool?), maybe if there was a workout Lizzy outfit, or a day-at-the-beach Lizzy, sure… :slight_smile:

Luchador Lizzy?