Got IBIRI on PC.... WTF is that?

(kics) #1

been playing gears of war since it came out, now in gears 4 i get this IBIRI message, what is all about ?

(Royce Batty) #2

Unless you cheated, disregard this. Should fix itself.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #3

Seems a lot of people are suddenly getting this.

(edtk13) #4

It means sometimes that u need to have an update in order to play. Go to Microsoft store app and click updates, then download gears 4 update

(Royce Batty) #5

False. IBIRI has nothing to do with missing updates. I would really like to know who told you this.

(edtk13) #6

I myself know it. I have that every update

(Royce Batty) #7

Consider people get IBIRI pre, post and in-between updates, this is not the directly linked. Even I and people I know have gotten IBIRI out the of the blue when there was no update around.

(edtk13) #8

U play on pc? Cause if I get IBIRI on pc it’s usually an update. Idk what it actually means, however for me it means update for u it means something else.