Got Desert Armor Del?

With only a couple weeks left it looks like I’ll miss out on Desert Armor Del. I don’t play horde that much so I’m nowhere near unlocking him. I feel like I’ve played plenty as Marcus already, yet I’m still only like halfway through his headshots. And he’s the one who’s objective I’m closest to finishing, so it doesn’t seem realistic to even try at this point. My collection will feel incomplete if I have Desert Armor Kait and JD, but no Del. I hope they give us another chance to get him, like maybe in the next tour or something, or with scrap. Does anyone have him already? Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen a single person using him in Versus online, but I’ve seen plenty of Desert Kaits and JDs.

I have him and use him in horde, if i have to play vs though i prefer desert JD.

I have him but prefer Winter Del. It’s not as hard as you think. Marcus just use the trip shot and use your ultimate as soon as you get it. Del just start at wave 50 then buy as much as you can before you die, Kait make sure your close when getting the kills, JD is easy with the freedom lancer, and Jack just make sure you zap as much as you can real quick then move to the next enemy. Play solo with Marcus, Del, and Kait no bots.


These types of skins should be added to Supply after the tour is over. I am not a fan of them being vaulted away, though i expect to see them at some point again down the line.

All I need is the fortifications then I’ll have him. I’ve put off doing the medal, mainly because it’s tedious, but because I’ll be levelling my Del up sometime this week. Once I get Del to 15 I’ll boost the rest of the challenge.

This category of challenges is probably the worst/second worst of the lot, personally.

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Getting the 15k eleminations is what’s killing me I’m almost at 13k and I’m at 600 out of 1000 for jack assists and then I’m done the grind.

I fear I won’t be able to complete then due to work and having to play the painful lackluster boring horde mode this game has. Wouldn’t be a problem if horde was actually fun in this game

Hey that’s right. It can be done just cheesing it on solo horde. I tried it out for Del and JD and looks like I’m on track in a dozen more rounds or so. Pretty tedious but can be done in a couple afternoons. I hadn’t even thought of this until you said that. Seems pretty silly that he best way to get these would be to use a cheesy exploit like this. Goes to show they should have put more thought into these challenges but whatever. Once I have my Desert Armor Del I can put this behind me.

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