“Got a big week of gardening planned” new map?

This is possible, but realistically it would make more sense for them to release it OP5.

Agreed. Had to make sure someone said it before I posted .

even better we get sexy Dom :slight_smile:

Well that explains why the Store update was delayed. They need to give everyone a few days to cool off their heads while they prepare the game for Dom with a cutout shirt…

Yes, saying that feels just as weird as you think it is. Particularly since I’m not really into men, being one myself.


Dom better get some kind of tomato expression or I’ll be disappointed :tomato:

Edit: Also, weren’t they supposed to release patch notes? Or give an update for when it’ll release?

I’m sure they’ll put it in the Store for coins and/or iron. It’d be surprising if they didn’t considering Marcus has a “My tomatoes” expression.
Or maybe Dom’ll get something for those radishes Marcus said could cope without him for a while at the beginning of G3 on the Sovereign.

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I was hoping for either the Old Man Marcus skin from Gears 4 or a “Tomorrow” Marcus skin from the Tomorrow trailer.

Old Mc-DOM-ald had a gun, ee aye ee aye oh!


on what planet is a skin better than a map?


Sera :blush:


You read about operation 5? Pretty much just new map based really. I ain’t fussed about map ports but just wish they stopped going after 4 maps because they only have to tweak it and actually bring us the classics

I get that it’s new map based but are the maps gonna be any good? I feel like reactor is the best map to come out of gears 5 so far and that’s not saying much honestly

This is a table in Dom’s tomato room on the ship in Gears 3. It’s in the cutscene when Marcus goes to get him after Michaelson calls him over the P.A. system.

Reactor is so Gearsy. I love it. ****ing love it.

More content like Gridiron and Reactor, less Pahanu.

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Honestly it’s amazing. The atmosphere, The HOD sounding throughout the map and the lane setup is MMM so good. I really hope TC gives us another great map like this.

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What files… @illusoryMage alot of my friends would disagree an say reactor is the worst map yet