“Got a big week of gardening planned” new map?

Gears of war on social media just posted a picture showing some tomato plants on perhaps a new map to gears 5.


Maybe? Maybe not.

Looks like hotel.


Would be dope if it came with a skin for Dom as well. But I’m assuming it could be related to gears 3 or 1, don’t remember the map names but the one that took place on the shape that was mostly catered to horde and the other was a garden map if I remember.


Weren’t the tomato plants on a ship? Gears 3?


They were. I don’t know what it means.

They f***ed my tomato’s up!


To be honest I doubt we’re getting a new map. If anything It might be some events for the modes and/or character skins. But if they do drop a map ima be surprised

A map on the ship sovereign.

Maybe tomato fight event😶


I dont think that’s River, but friendly reminder before OP 4 launched, River was in the files next to other maps that were released in OP 4, so even if this isnt River, River is in the files

Maybe even the Fenix estate

I would be so happy if it’s Garden.


It would not surprise me if we got a port of Hotel from Gears 4… With all that being said though it would likely come OP5.

Hotel isn’t even that cool of a map in my opinion, would much rather see another port from Gears 4 like Raven Down or Avalanche or something idk.

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one can only wish!

Brilliant we are going to get a new versus mode called KOTT … King of The Tomatoes!

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Yeah, and all people get to use are the Dom’s Toms grenades from the easter egg in Gears 4 that will bleed tomato juice while you hold them and splatter a ketchup-like substance when they explode.

I never saw anything about this. Proof?

Apparently the screen shot was on Discord, but I saw it on reddit before Op 4 went live, it called the other 3 maps correctly (even got the Reactor name right). I have no physical evidence so I don’t expect anyone to believe me, but when River comes out it’s not gonna be a suprise to me

Reddit post



Looks like Hotel but i would love Garden back!

Process also!

Mercy perhaps ? There was a Dom related easter egg on Mercy on Gears 3 and the tomato plants could be a referencce to that

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Be nice if they did chuck a map or two before the next operation. We have more but do feel you play the same ■■■■ over and over.

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