Gore on or off?

As the title says do you have gore on or off? I’ve had it off since the start of 5 and probably the last year in Gears 4. I just watched an old video with it on and forgot how cool it looked with your character covered in blood.

Gore: ON :sunglasses:

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Off in 4 as it gave a decent performance improvement on PC.

On in 5 as it doesn’t seem to make a difference for me.

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Off. My weak stomach can’t handle the violence. I like to shoot, maim, butcher, and kill my opponents bloodless


My weak stomach love non-real PC game gore. :upside_down_face:


Gore ON

Seeing how it is a Mature Rated game and it is part of gears. That would be like turning off the gore in Mortal Kombat…

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Isn’t Gears 5 without gore just Fortnite?


It looks better.

On. I like the executions and headshots are easier to see with it on.

Gore On :sunglasses:

Lackluster gore or not, it stays on.

Wish there were a way to have gore off but keep executions as normal. I turn off gore sometimes for more stable frames, but I would still like to Batista Bomb people.

I had it off for 4.

Back on in 5.