Goodbye Skeleton suit Kait

Im saying goodbye to Skeleton suit Kait. Since the Coalition decided to almost completely do away with anything legacy or “timed exclusive” she was my go to. Ive got team rock, and blood red speaker, and the Op 3 Kantus…but they dont really do it for me. Nor does Op 4 Astronaut. Skeleton Suit Kait was my “proud of” skin. Her and Gilded Baird were my 2 prized possessions. But no more. Now any schlub that wants to pony up 5 bones or 15 minutes of in game currency can have it all.
I guess its Blood Moon Imago now. Goodbye my bony girl. We had some good times.


So… what’s the big deal? Pro consumer actions? “Exclusivity” for a cosmetic skin item shouldn’t mean anything. You should use and get the skin if you like it.


This is something even Epic was guilty of doing so this isnt even anything new. I get certain exclusives to an extent but sometimes you have to accept not everything is gonna be that way.


@AmicableWall421 @SamuraiEdgeEX For the record only, Epic has never put a battle pass item up for sale in their store. later. Skeleton suit Kait wasn’t a tour of duty item. I can’t really bemoan her being put back in the store. Except that now she is basically free when I had to pay $. But it is what it is. As far as the other stuff…I’m not really gonna go down that road again. Doesn’t matter. Won’t change anything anyways. So I’m just saying my adieu. So long. Fare thee well Skelton Kait.

Really? I think its a pretty bad skin but most of the seasonal stuff is, more lore friendly stuff would be very much appreciated and that includes characters being put in hiveBuster armour based on their age that makes sense to the timeline.

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@lukebazz91 i hear ya. I think Keegan deserves a cooler skin. Its really not about whether its a “good or bad” skin(to me). Its that their isnt anything in 5 that is Legacy or OG anymore-,Sans 5 items that I know of. Team rock gun skin, blood red speaker, Op 3 kantus, ,Op 4 UI astronaut(bad skin imo), and blood moon imago. Some people like playing video games for the exclusives. I dont know of any other video game that I can go and start playing today thats been out for a year, that lets you buy all the stuff from the year 1 timed exclusives. If you know if any let me know.

Man I wish Onyx guard Keegan was a thing already


@Outlaweditzz yea dude. Keegan has been a big afterthought. I mean Kait has 299 skins. He has 2.

It seems anything that has to do with legacy content is an after thought. Imagine a mainline Gears of war title where you cant play as delta. Better yet imagine not being able to use any legacy characters you like in PVE for 4 months.

Oh wait.


But its just a Halloween skin. That’s it. You would have a point if they did this to lets say Gilded RAAM but its not the same as giving away Skeleton Kait. Its the 2nd year for Gears 5 Halloween. It was to be expected the old content would cycle through. As id also expect the Christmas stuff and so on and so forth. Man, this “mine mine look at me guys I’m oh gee” mentality can get to some people I swear. Would you be happy if they did what Epic did in Fortnite a couple years ago when cry babies on social media were angry at them because they dared to bring back a Halloween skin (a skeleton skin mind you so I’m sensing a pattern) so to compensate for said cry babies they gave them their own “exclusive club” recolor?


Terrible skin anyway.

I mean Kait is the main character of the game and Keegan only has a Comic book for people to know his character. All 3 of the Hivebusters will get more skins once they release their Campaign dlc

Considering how many skins Baird already got vs some of the main cast and other Campaign appearances he might as well have been the lead.

Jk but he does have too many. Especially compared to the other characters that came in Op 2(hint hint).

If people really wanted exclusive they should’ve just gone for the Glacial Armor Kait skin.


@SamuraiEdgeEX dude…I said i cant really complain about Skeleton Kait. Except that I had to pay cash for her instead of paying with 30 mins of ingame currency. And they have done that". I earned Gilded Baird. Now he is for sale.
The problem is that every item ive earned in this game playing from day 1 of Launch that was billed as timed exclusive content through the tour of duty can now all be bought with game currency. People spent lots of time(and money) on boost earning all the stuff that now can be bought for 2000 to 4000 gears coins. I used Skeleton Kait because it was only sold once and not a lot of people bought it. Because every skin I had that was legacy, some kid that just started playing now has.
@GB6_Kazuya you can say that. Lets just see how mas ny of them you see in the next 2 weeks.


I have one of the more exclusive skins in the Kait that came with the Gears 5 console,if she becomes avalible (she may be already) I would be cool. The exclusive stuff doesn’t really mean a lot now, just try and enjoy what you have :+1::facepunch:

Anyway, all you really need is Myrrah and Sam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One skin I do use a bit, which seems pretty rare or scarce is Adam F in Gears3.

@duffman yea…it was winter armor Kait. She is no longer exclusive. Its not really that big a deal. Just annoying.

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It’s a loyalty reward.

That’s why.

@FUNKDOKTOR stuff like this that’s killing the game. They can make new skins but choose to recycle. Really pisses me off.

Main reason why I haven’t bought anything at all. They can cater to these free loaders.

Probably not very many as I’m not playing Gears 5 Versus right now. I’m actually enjoying life.

yeah man … Long live Scottish people :slight_smile:


winter armor kait is not the skin that came for the console, ice kait came with the console and glacial kait came with the statue, winter armor kait was a reward in tour of duty one.

both ice and glacial are still exclusive

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