Goodbye Ryan Cleven and Good Luck

Sad to hear Ryan Cleven is leaving the Gears family. I aporeciate your hard work and your passion for the Gears universe. I wish you a lot of good fortune down whatever road you may take. Gearspeed my man. Watch out for Snatchers. Those things are a mug.


Off-topic but damn do I want an ice cold Mr Pibb


Well, since he’s the main reason PvP is so screwed up, I’m happy someone else will fill his role eventually, and maybe, actually bring gears back to it’s best gow3 days.

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@NeckPUNCHattack I’m not gonna beat up on a guy who loves the game. Regardless of what is or isn’t right at the moment. I do appreciate his time he spent with this game and tbe work he put in. And I wish him the best.

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I don’t wish him ill, but I do know he wasn’t cut out to be the PvP head. His choices have plagued gears 4 and 5, weapon balancing has been a joke every time a new update drops, and his latest mode, gridiron, isn’t something that belongs in gears (unless it was made to be an esports mode… hmmmmm…).

The guy had 7 years of time to get it right, never did, but made a lot of money and is moving on to better things, so at the end of the day, everyone’s better off, probably him more so. He probably pocketed enough money that he’d be able to take a long time off before looking for another gig in developing, so honestly, I don’t think he’s in a bad place.

I never want anything bad to happen to ppl nor do I wish bad luck, but like I said, given everything, the game is better off. He’ll be more than fine.

@NeckPUNCHattack I hear you. Can’t say I disagree w/you. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him wind up at blizzard w Rod at some point.

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As funny as that sounds… you’re probably 100% right on that one.

Bruh this is like the third guy that left the studio this month, what’s going on over there???

I’m sorry man but what is a snatcher ?

There are probably more, but its the third high ranking employee to have left this year.

As I said on a previous thread, 1 or 2 you can kinda accept, but when it gets to 3/4 territory, you start to question things.

Like how op3 did a complete U-turn on the VS balance that had been gaining more popularity in February. Seems odd that 2 months later they are completely reworking it again.