Goodbye gears of war... for now 💕

This is not a woeful post by any means. I will not complain I will not be hopeless but I will be honest. The Coalition has done nothing but slap everyone who purchased this game in the face. They catered to new comers and by doing so has deterred the OGs who built the franchise, and they’re strategy didn’t work. They’re player numbers are the lowest it’s been(even though they won’t show it). The point I’m making is I’m not hopeless. I know this game will probably be much better in a years time. But games who have a successful comeback story have an actual foundation to build off of. This game is a skeleton of what it could be. Rainbow six siege for instance had a groundbreaking game design. Although it was riddled with bugs the developers appreciated those who played it and listend to every single piece of feedback. The coalition continues to assure us that everything will be fixed and everything will be different in OP 2 but it won’t. The taste in my mouth will forever be soured by this game. How is the Gears 3, a senior game at this point has 3x the content this game has . No weapon skins we can unlock, characters we should have from the campaign but have to grind and a tour of duty system that is NOT FREE. Having to pay for re rolls on challenges is not a free battle pass. It’s theft in my eyes.
And the nail on the coffin for me is the executions. TC screwed themselves charging for what makes Gears of war, Gears of war. This was the game i thought I would never stop playing l. Even when multiplayer was bad in GOW 2 i sucked it up and enjoyed every minute of it. But this game is not a game, it’s a beta. And many of us payed 60 dollars for it.
So good bye gears, hopefully for for now❤️


I too am a big fan of the franchise… I stopped playing about 5 or 6 weeks ago… I am just not digging this game like the others… I will maybe come back at some point, but right now with the state of the game… nope… Really loved the campaign but that about where it ends…

Been playing Destiny 2 and really loving it… Love how Bungie has taken the reigns post Activision. And love the direction they are taking it… Found a great clan of like minded 30 to 40 year olds that just enjoy playing so it’s been a good change up from the toxic gears crowd…