Goodbye Gears 5

This breaks my heart but I hate the 4v4. I’m not a very good player and I feel the 5v5 gave me a better opportunity to help my team and get some kills of my own in the chaos. I agree 4v4 needs a lot more skill and I don’t mind but what I do mind is team mates attacking me for not doing well. It has now happened twice were team mates are sending global messages calling me trash and that I should quit the game. Well guess what, I’ll do that, I won’t put up with it anymore. 5v5 was just more fun, I find 4v4 boring and too strategic. Anyway it was nice knowing you gears 5, we had some great times, but I’m out.




Just turn off chat and keep playing…?


I understand your upset and frustration. I’m a very average Gears 5 player (far better with 4 and a lot better on 3) and can go from mvp (High Gold/low Onyx matches,) to looking like I have never played Gears.

On those occasions I tend to get told I’m trash and to go and play Fortnight/Overwatch. Never
Having played one of them even once! :roll_eyes: sometimes if I can be bothered I tell them to look at my screen captures and vids, most of the time I just ignore.

My advice would be turn chat off and don’t accept
messages from non friends.

Then just try your best and try to enjoy yourself. NO ONE has any more right than you to be in the game.
All the best :+1::ok_hand:


Nah 4v4 isn’t more skilled.

Trust me.

People just wanna blame something for their short coming in the game.

But I assure you 4v4 isn’t less sweaty than a 5v5.

More snail paced, sure. Way more boring as you mentioned, I’ll completely agree.

Watch people complain about something in a couple months.

Maybe take a break & come back later.

I think it’s dumb too.



I don’t understand what was wrong with 5v5. I don’t play ranked anymore so I really don’t care at the end of the day. But still it’s stupid that you can’t at with squads anymore because people cried and that the game modes are 4v4 for the same reason




U would of been eaten alive on gears 1

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Dude, just don’t listen to the pathetic ■■■■■■■■ (both in the game and on this forum) none of them have any more right to this game than you do!

Like others have said, take a brake, and when you come back (and you should!) turn off chat and disable messages from people who aren’t on your friends list.

You should never be guided by people who are intentionally toxic towards you.


Get good son im.already onyx 3

I hear you. The 4v4 is a bit different and I can’t say I totally love it. I find it more sweaty personally. I’ve had some rough matches , especially with not really knowing all of the new maps very well. 5v5 is more chaotic and I kind of like that. That extra teammate takes pressure off.

Turn off your chatbox. F 'em. I’ve been called plenty of names and most folks have had some bad matches now and then. If you stick with it you’ll adapt and improve over time.

I still like KOH but would be happy if they went back to 5v5. It’s hard to imagine the community really asked for this change. perhaps they’ll come to their senses and go back to 5v5.

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How very weak.

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Lol 4 v 4 more skilled is totally false its boring and slower paced.


Just play quick play, where I spend most my time cos 4v4 is dull as hell, plus guardian is great

Better not ever roll that out across the board for everyone’s sake


Okay man. With this attitude you’ll quit at everything you do. But I don’t blame you; as in I don’t blame you for quitting something that doesn’t bring you any happiness.


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The real problem here is the lack of skill based matchmaking. Nobody wants to play with or against players that are far below or far above their own skill.

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friend, do not worry about it, this game is full of “pro” people that all they do is abuse the aiming assistance if you want I teach you how to abuse this resource so that you play better and I even offer myself to play as a team, Here you can not talk about “ability” when the game is not really difficult and those who are “good” the only thing they do is abuse resources such as targeting assistance and up a

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Don’t let them get to you OP, try and move on with this Gears 5,I’ve viewed on Twitch a few who likes/dislikes 4v4 ,but just stay with it ,I said to myself if the Gamers call me trash let them have there way ,I just ignore em and move on,ignorance is bliss.Ohh just forgot your can mute em,hope this helps

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Can’t blame you. Hopefully, you didn’t pay for this trash heap of a game up front and just played it on Gamepass at least.
If I actually payed for full price for this i would be pissed.
I am just going to download something else off Gamepass and if they ever change it I will come back.
This Franchise is on it’s last leg anyway.


The game has become painfully slow and boring, I won’t play it for a while either