Good update thanks TC

Am I the only one who likes the game with this update? Everyone is crying when the game now looks more like a gears than ever. The 4vs4 was already in the first gow, the game will be slower but the aim requires more skill, it is not as much as before that anyone could blow you up, now it is more lateral movement, not so much wallbounce. It is seen that in the end TC does nothing more than change the game for all these people who are complaining in each update. I also complained in the previous season, but because of the shot that did not come out. I understand more people who complain about how bad the servers are but not about every update. In the end you have what fits, because each update is a complaint …


NO, you are just a person lost in nostalgia that wants gears 1.
looks more like a gears than ever…what does that even mean? the menus lol
the game will be slower but the aim require more skill…this is COMPLETE BS.
That isn’t even logical man. STOP
People can’t blow you up as easily…what?
oh right…gears 1 players want gnashers of war and CRY if they die from anything other than that weapon.
That is what you want 4v4.
Not so much wall bounce…then how does it require more skill to aim?
see what i mean?
It is illogical.
The community is split between people who want the franchise to evolve and move forward…and those who want to play Gears 1 .
This Franchise is dying because of this.
We can’t get new maps because people still want the same ones and any new ones might destroy the precious everything must be decided by the gnasher only fights.
You can’t be serious about not understanding a game changing this dramatically after being released for so long.
If you want this game play style then fine but what you said is BOGUS


Agreed, much better than before.


The game is the best it’s been from a pve perspective. Pvp i don’t know or care tbh.

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Yes I like gow 1, but I also like all of the following gows. The point is that everyone complains and TC in the end paying attention to everyone ends up adapting the game each month to a different style. Don’t think I don’t know how to wallbounce, I always played gears in all updates and I adapted to what was coming out, in fact I got to diamond and master in one season. For the way I see it now you have to aim better, but why are people who say they are very pro now they do not even do half of casualties? if it’s easier and I’m not going 15 ms like most people do, that’s another world, they don’t have much reason to complain. This game is now more adapted to what gears always was. Maybe you’ve been playing since gow3 that’s why you’re so upset, but that’s what it is, either you adapt or you don’t play … I hope I don’t offend because it’s just my way of seeing it, they’re all respectable

5v5 blows half the time i was fighting ill get crossed everywhere an somebody has to come save their partners backsides while My teammates act like empty bags of chips that dont give cover fire at all

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I’m not upset.
I have played gears since the release of gears 1
Always the little attitude. Always the assumption that others didn’t play gears 1.
You literally proved my point and then the person directly underneath your last comment proved it again.
How can it be “more adapted to what gears always was”… When the only gears that played like that was GEARS 1?
That is Not logical.
You guys just want gears 1 all over again.
Nowhere did I say YOU couldn’t wallbounce.
You guys need serious psychological HELP.
I didn’t even say anything close to that.

The playstyle you are advocating for leads to a completely gnasher dominated game.
Epic used to release stats and maybe that is what TC needs to do.
It was 90% gnasher kills back then.
How does a shooting game so reliant on one weapon, maintain relevance in the modern world?
Can’t you guys see the competition this game now has?
This isn’t 2006 anymore.
Gears is still Gears and can maintain that identity without going back to playing like a 2006 game.
Why would we want that?

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Many people complain and do not know or say it or what they really want, in my opinion I prefer the 5v5 mode both in team duel and KOTH, but I am not going to die for this either


They talk about the essence of gears and I don’t see anyone talking about those little things that they have eliminated from the game, like the small recoil of the weapons as in the shotgun that is basically non-existent in gears 5, in the 3 you would shoot and if you did not lower the I analogously the recoil towards the weapon going upwards, in exchange the current lancer if you point it and shoot and release the trigger it self-centers, which was not in any epic gears, the movement of the camera when running that was done with The intention of making the game somewhat suffocating is now basically non-existent, and removing the original omen of the game that is another thing that gives the essence to gears, and that now it is time to aim more in the beta is a half truth the problem It is not the speed of the wallbonce and strafes or the game in general it is a problem of a quite broken aim assist.
And that’s not to mention that the wallbonce in 3 was more difficult to do that required dedication now everyone spam wallbonce around the map not in order to dodge shots but to spam to up a, now you can slide with only one analog to the left one to walk And that little and nothing has to do with the speed of the wallbonce, it can be 500, 600 or 650 but the ease with which wallbonce is made and that it can be done without even seeing the walls sometimes becomes ridiculous

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This is the most fun I’ve had in any gears game.

I love the new ranked, my most played mode.

I love the daily horde challenges. Yes, I actually play horde now and have fun doing it.

I’m disappointed that no new hives are coming. Escape is hands down my favorite PVE experience. However, I really enjoy the weekly best this time and daily hives. Only critique is they should include a Master difficulty with a random modifier to change up the hives. I get certain modifiers need to stay, but changing “iron man” or the master modifier to a random new one can completely change up the hive and would be fun to master.

Bringing in a new weapon like the scorcher is absolutely awesome and changes many maps.

Hands down looking forward to the first DLC since Raams shadow. I’m hoping to bring 1 big boss, 1 mini boss, and 1 or 2 different style of enemy into PVE experience.

Side note…
I get they aren’t making new tiles. But they should make 3 new hives for OP6 utilizing these new enemies IMHO


I get it.

4v4 is very casual.

Casuals like casual things.

As for me I enjoyed 5v5 because I had to try harder to control positioning.

5v5 demanded more tactical thinking as a 4v4 Is more rush friendly, still if you face a good team different story.

4v4 is a slower pace, as in action.

Less chaos.

I loved the chaos though but I guess it’s not for everyone.

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Look, we all cant go back and play like its 2008 with players having brains in 2020. People know how to move and hit their shots.

You do realize that its much, much easier to hit shots when the game limits your movement? You do realize that it just actually takes away from the game?

The game basically comes down to 3 things. Hitting your shots, positioning, and good movement. If you take away movement options, you just have a grandpa game.

If this update comes out, this game will be even more dead. But hey, at least people who hate wallbouncing can botwalk and never press the a button to their hearts content. Thats how silly all of you sound, and will look.


4 v 4 is trash :wastebasket:


None of this is true. I see the same exact game play in koth with 4v4 compared to 5v5.


A good team regardless 4v4 or 5v5 is gonna cross you out of a hill.
A good player knows this


good maps, characters, flamethrower
horde daily events :slight_smile:

Lol…they changed this because the player base is down…now they have a better chance of matching ranks and skill levels

It’s because a lot of people use there rifles then there shotgun.

At the same token could say the player base is down due to the lack of PvP respect.

Not that I disagree with you