Good Players Are Dominating!

Am I right? Take your skills and shove it up your Mariana Trench - us Versus casuals and PVE players need a chance when we play PVP too you know! #justiceforbadplayers


Bad PVE players can train in Quickmatch Playlist. No need for them to rage quit when they join Ranked matches lol.


My series x is a dominatrix

This is impossible. They killed me which means they have some sort of advantage. Theres no way someone else can kill me by just being better than me.


Does this mean I can delete anyone who dares to be better at Escape than me or uses any class that is better than the one I selected for a match?


Yeah, Good Players should be Nerfed in Drop 2 :stuck_out_tongue:.

Players who better than me should get Nerfed.

I only know how to play The Surge - Insane

ahh…and One more…I Build MG Sentries in Wave 1 :heart_eyes:

Good Players just Melee Me when I build the Sentries :sob:


There should be an option for the good players to play against each other.


I know that TC removed the “good players off” filter, but you can still turn it back on in the console’s settings


Smh Pepper always trying to one-up me

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What a minx!

I don’t even need to try.

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If you put a headband and have an energy drink next to you while you play, you’ll be good too

don’t forget to have a towel to wipe off the sweat also


Don’t forgot about having both elbows up on the table


I have a desk, you heathen

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Oh no. Hes upgraded to a desk AND mouse and keyboard? We’ve officially lost him fellas.

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You cant forget about having a gaming chair.


I succumb to peer-pressure easily.

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I would think that slaughtering noobs must get boring even for the most psychotic. What is needed is a more challenging task for those that have achieved maximum gibberish (sic).

Something that was interesting in Gears Pop (RIP) is the notion of a clan. This is a unit (poorly named I admit) of up to fifty players formed and led by players of superior skill (normally). The unit encouraged active participation, expelled the crazies and generally promoted team play. There was a chat feature local to the unit such that it enabled a bit of training which in turn enabled the unit as a whole to rise in standings. Far from perfect but the concept of group leadership and common cause definitely encouraged play.

Yes ranking and matching were still a problem on Pop. However, if you’re looking for a new challenge, try leadership. If anything it might give you an appreciation for what those roles are really like.