Good on you, TC

Care to make your case though? I’m curious to hear why point values are part of the games identity. I’m not trying to pick a fight, you and I are having a perfectly lovely conversation in the thread about maps, I just don’t understand your stance.

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Not only did someone disturb my thread from its deep slumber of death, but they did it in a language other than English.
What has become of this world?

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I don’t know dave @TC_Clown I speak spanish, english and some portuguese… I don’t understand anything from that dude above hahahahaha :smile:

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Homie’s French.

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yeah @UNLETHAL he must know VATEL. greatest chef in the world.

Ah, yes. We can’t overlook what good, flavored crème has done for us the world over,

p.s I think he’s in agreement with the OP. I just don’t know if any of the info applies 3 months later.


I trample on @TC_Clown threads like I just walked in with muddy boots.

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