Good on you, TC

I must say, I really love the new point updates to koth. I think the scoreboard is far more accurate now in terms of who helping the team the most in-game. MVP now actually means something.
Now of course the objection is “Hey, no one is going to play for the objective now”. Ok, fair enough. But think about it; you still need to cap to win, thus, if you don’t cap, you lose, and thus drop in rank. To me, that is a big enough incentive to keep capping and breaking.
And, lets be honest, its not like EVERYONE was fighting to cap the hill in the first place lol.

My only objection is that I believe breaks>caps

Also, downs were always under-valued, glad to see them finally meaning something on the scoreboard


Many times I down people and tell you guys to take it. @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l So I agree the down points are nice!

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As @III_EnVii_III always says “Downs win games”


It sure does…it means you weren’t playing the objective.


Anyone can stand in a circle while others kills the team.

You do realize that if your entire team played the objective, you’d lose 9 out of 10 games?

An MVP from caps does not make you the most valuable player, more often than not, you relied on the kills of your teammates to get there.


I haven’t won a game in KOTH yet, the game ■■■■■■ me over by putting me in Silver instead of bronze despite no wins, and I won’t win any because I don’t play anymore. My team, not helping at all by focusing on just killing and me trying for the objective certainly didn’t lead to victory.

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Wait, you’re complaining about not being placed in bronze?


Why would i cap when rank is worthless n if i want to rank up, i need to aquire pts im pretty sure cause no one knows how rankin works… so… ya… ima just slay cause 30 pts is not worth getting when i can get 175-225pts kill.

If i get a decent team ill play normal… but eh… im gunna treat koth as social slayer now mostly…

(Not sayin it shouldnt have been changed at all. But 30 is to low for new players. Another person argued this elsewhere VERY well on this forum. Escalation had to be changed for caps n breaks, i get that)

Downs help so much.

It means that your team is actively supporting.


I can’t agree with that - I’ve played in plenty of matches where our team has been out-slayed and still won because we rotated and had better spawn control than the other team. Killing isn’t everything, just makes it easier.

I don’t really get saying caps are the least important thing in the mode either. It’s like saying a hit is more important than a run in baseball.

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TC Shill now.


Yet more disappointing changes. I’m gradually leaving “disliking” TC edging more into sheer hatred with every step they take.

There was nothing wrong with the points, you could always tell what was happening and what each individual was focusing on. With every day this game gets further and further away from a true Gears of War title.

So now the identity of the franchise is partially tied to how the points are handed out for objectives?

This is why nobody with any decision making power cares what the forums have to say.

Re-read my post, Mr Miite. You should have done so carefully before exaggerating.

Take your time. You’ll get it eventually.

Are you not implying that the changing of the point structure in KoTH is bringing this game further away from a gears title?

The implication is there, if you want to see it. There are multiple changes and additions that have damaged the “identity” of this Franchise, you’d be crazy not to admit that.

While the points change isn’t as dramatic a change as, say, the Inverse Omen, it’s certainly unnecessary after all this time and the logic behind it makes little sense.


So I understood you correctly in my original response, then? Anyway yeah I will say it seems like a Chang for the sake of making a change, which generally isn’t the basis of a good decision, but I have zero issue with the change of points. In fact I actually think it’s a positive, in the early going. I certainly do NOT think that it is impacting the identity of the franchise, while yes certainly some other choices have negatively impacted that very thing.

Fair enough. We’ll agree to disagree because, trust me, this will go on forever.