Good job TC, I love the game

Look the game needed to be different, everyone needs to quit complaining. The campaign is gorgeous. Multiplayer will need some tuning. I’m glad they switched it up. Great job TC. Please put in some of the old maps. BTW I’ve been a Gears head since 06’


So you’re just gonna blatantly ignore the game-breaking bugs? Cool.


They’ll fix them. Most launches are rocky. It’s why they give us early access. So they can catch what the beta didn’t.


Bull****, if someone pays 80$ for a game it better be running smooth as butter. AT THE VERY LEAST the campaign should, but nooo, TC gave us both middle fingers when it came to quality assurance.

We are not unpaid beta testers. We are customers and demand to be respected as such. We shouldn’t be getting raked over the coals for a barely playable product. This complacency and apologism for garbage company practices is getting REALLY old…


I can’t really relate to most people because I’ve not hit these issues. In fact, I’ve not had 99% of the issues on the game. I’ve only had 1 softlock in the campaign, which I can live with.

The Campaign is really good, and gives TC the opportunity to go bigger in 6. The environments look beautiful, considering I’m playing on an OG Xbox One, that is amazing.

Yes, they need to solve the issues, but deep down, there is a good game. There is people who care about this, obviously, from the detail in the environment.

But I can only comment on what I’ve played, and, from MY experience, I would pay £70 for it.

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I didn’t play the “Tech Test” because I quit playing " Betas" a long time ago because I consider them a waste of time, so yesterday was the first time I played GoW5. Honestly after reading this forum, I was anticipating a super buggy experience, as well as continually being dropped/kicked from MP. I have nearly put in a mixture of 10+ hours between the Campaign & Versus, and I have honestly avoided running into any of the issues people are complaining about within this forum community. The one & only issue I have run into was not being able to connect to a versus lobby for about 3 minutes, but once I finally did connect it has been smooth sailing for me. I am thoroughly enjoying the campaign, which is something I did not experience with GoW4. I am also digging the subtle changes made to the numerous versus modes. So in my opinion, keep up the good work “The Coalition”.

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Aside from the bugs, the game is great. One of the best campaigns I played all gen. Escape is better than I thought. Now just turn off crossplay with Arcade and we’re set. I was burned out on Gears after 4. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what else Coalition does.

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I’m with you man I am loving Gears 5. I’m not going to get all in a bunch when I know patches will be rolled out

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Is this post for real? come on!!

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I am thoroughly enjoying the game as well, and I do think the campaign is the best one that the series has arguably had in some time. However as much as I am enjoying the game, I did have a lot of those issues as well early on and it’s grating for sure, to be playing co op with a friend and have it suddenly drop you out of the game for no reason, and saying that you were kicked from the game. As well as some bugs - collectibles collected not showing up completely ect ….I have not done MP yet but I will to a degree see what happens with that when I do get to it. If there is something I don’t like about the game it’s that if I do play Co Op, none of the progress done in let’s say my friend’s game as we play carries over to Mine - so let’s say, we’re in act 2 and I play several hours with them and we get a lot of things done …. when I get to my game again, I have to basically redo all of what the friend and I did in my game - now I realize that is probably b/c of Jack and getting stuff for him, but still - odd. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that when you and I did some co op in previous games, when I went to play solo I would carry on from where we ended our time playing together. If so it feels odd they went this way this time.

As a whole, enjoying the game - campaign is great and it’s great to see all the little nods the game is making to its past. Looking forward to seeing where the story and series goes from here.

People need to calm down, I’m sure TC will fix the bugs and fine tune the game just like they did with Gow 4

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Ding ding ding. Not beta testers, customers, that’s the difference.

Corporations like nothing more than the humble consumers, content with everything defect being thrown at them just because they wanted to uphold the deadline with the shareholders while actually not giving a fart about the consumers.
And also, the campaign was good from Act 1-2, the rest, complete garbage. Act 3 was boring and meh at best, the boss fight was a disaster, and Act 4 is the biggest joke. All you do in the truck scene is duck and go for a leak (on Insane btw), when you come back, you still alive. And that act was 70% scripted and the final boss even a one-eyed drunk will beat on insane during the first try.
The game is broken, and you’re exaggerating and no, most other games do not provide a completely broken game, with servers that keep synching old data and then the company not even warning us or telling us about it, making Hardcore/Insane players do all in vain.