Good Custom Escape Maps

Anyone know of decent escape maps to run master’s on ?

Drop all Recommended custom map names and id’s below

I made one map called The Armory ID:XBG12B

Someone made 20 maps and posted them on here… Somewhere.


Beat me to finding it. Strong maps in there



Here’s two that I made. Codes are in the descriptions

One made by @Siul_S249

A couple more made by those not on the forums


Summit of the Blop 1-20 with Summit of the Blop 5 & 6 being the hardest maps created. “The Brig” and “Danger awaits us” are also good. I have a decent amount of custom maps recorded on my channel.

Here is a playlist.


This post is for custom hives that are good on Master difficulty…

Still felt it was worth linking that thread though…

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How long is the map you created?

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About 20 - 30 minutes… I forgot the amount of acts but it’s around 6 - 8

Exercise 2 was a good hive. Not too difficult on master soloed 1st act and 2 man 2nd act as blademaster.

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Grub hive is also a good hive its the most difficult hive i have ever came across spent like 5-6 hours trying to master it and it was not easy and this was with 3 great players. The end is just insane just wait for venom and just run like hell close the lz and spawn salvos as tact because there is a mob of enemies that spawn that no way to kill them all.


5-6 hours….hmmmm….how many acts and what classes are good? Venom every Act?

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It was 2 acts but there was a lot of enemies. We had a tact (me), killing time brawal and gunner. Several times in 2nd act the brawal was going to use his ultimate but enemies got triggered so that was a restart and we even made it to the end and a mob of enemies spawned at us so that was a restart to. We did not communicated to one another as tact i kind of wanted to just wait for venom and run to lz and close and spawn salvos as tact but brawal wanted to see killing time which always seem to screw us over many times. Venom also moves kind of quick too so i dont know if just having a tact will be enough because brawal was a big help clearing out rooms with killing time and there is camping enemies like elite snipers, drone elites that can get ignoring in 1st act.

Mastered summit of the blop 1-4 and they are good hives. Tried summit of the blop 5 as a nomad to execute the imago so the warden will be in fear but randoms seem to want to fight the warden which is not even necessary.

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Do not play Summit of the Blop 5 with randoms…lol. Here’s what we did. Summit of the Blop 1-4 are basically normal hives. Difficult but nothing absurd. That all changes once you hit

What classes will be good for this hive Looks like 3 gunners worked great.

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Our usually team for hard custom hives is demo/tact. Then gunner or nomad. I don’t think it’s doable unless you run triple gunner. Possibly 2 gunners and a blademaster.

Edit: If it feels impossible, Triple gunner is our last resort.

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ok thanks will a brawal with killing time actually be viable on this hive. I can see areas of its hive that a killing time brawal can be really good.

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