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Good but there are some errors to fix

I tried the game for a couple of games (obviously the time is short) but there are some things in versus that don’t convince me:

  1. The Gnasher is too OP, people who kill you even from a considerable distance;
  2. Often the objectives to be achieved are not identified regularly and in Escalation too little time is available
  3. The regeneration time is ok but often people get back to the points of return (same problem as GoW4)
  4. Too hectic, I certainly won’t take it at D1. There are no news in the gameplay compared to the 4 to convince me of the contrary

Just on point 1, the Gnasher has a very good feel to it damage and range wise.


It does feel good but the drop off could be lowered a little. My 2 biggest things after playing a few ranked matches are

  1. the enforcer needs to be nerfed big time. I got downed a few times from a large distance with it.

  2. they need to fix the scoreboard/map. It’s so annoying

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Too much drop off and with the lag, it causes issues.

I agree with the Scoreboard and Map, I said this yesterday, it’s annoying!!

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Also not a big fan of the new headshot sound. They should bring the original one back. There was just something so satisfying about it



I like the UE’s the best.

That pop is so nice!

The bots really need to be adjusted.
I haven’t tried KOTH or Escalation yet, perhaps neither mode has them. But in Arcade they’re just walking around wanting to be killed. They notice you, go into cover close to you then lose interest and walk away. The best moment I’ve had so far was that I went down and the bot behind me passed me to pick-up an ammo bag like 20 meters away. I’d team kill anyone who’d do that.

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I lost one game due to a bot getting killed 19 times while strolling down the middle of the map over and over and over. It was 5 humans vs 4 humans and a bot. It literally cost us the game.

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Aye, killing the opposing team’s bots is the easiest way to win a game. I can imagine they’re supposed to be having a low AI in Arcade, but right now it’s ridiculous.

Also the new chainsaw/reload combination takes time to adjust. Especially if you want to reload in cover but stand up due to the game thinking you want to use the chainsaw. Not enjoyable when there are snipers around.

But in general, I have to say that I am enjoying it. I was quite frustrated yesterday but now I’m able to join games without too much delay.

And I have to say that this view after being killed is very useful. It can be very explaining or shows you were absolutely right and it was bs. One time I was in cover behind a wall with a sniper shooting next to the wall making a head shot. I’m guessing that is due to lag though.

why does it take 5 minutes to VALIDATE MATCH? wtf… its rolling lobbies and it takes forever to start again. what a trash game

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