Golden Marcus and golden Scion needed in a new Guardian expert pack

Imagine playing against a whole team of golden scions. The confusion mixed with the excitement. What a way to spice up a dying game mode. The only way to see the real leader is to mark him.

LUL nah

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Gold is tacky.

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I’m really tired of gold stuff. Feel like the bad guy from the movie Austin Power Goldmember who loves Gold.

I thought Gold was supposed to feel special but Gears 4 completely went overboard with gold and gold skins…There is like 47 million different weapon skins where the main thing about it is that it’s gold or gold plated or wrapped in gold or what not


So true, Gold is overrated.

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The way back I see this thread is that the OP is envisioning a match of Guardian and not knowing which player is the “Leader” by sight, as they would all be “Gold”. Kind of a cool aspect, I’d say.

It’s bad enough seeing one of each. It’s default and boring.

I do DEFINITELY miss the Gears 3 Capture the Leader. Chairman Prescott and Queen Myrrah, it was much more interesting.