Golden Gun weekly event

I absolutely love this mode!

It gets away from the sweat, sweat, and more sweat. It’s just an overall enjoyable mode!

I don’t rage like I do in the normal versus because of 84% - 99% gnasher hits.

I don’t get annoyed when I get killed because I know it’s always a 1 hit no matter what / where it’s from.

The only issue I have with it is that kills don’t count as eliminations therefor making the ToD challenge for 100 weekly event kills “impossible”.

I had 21 eliminations, and when I last checked I had 24. I’m getting them somehow, but not sure how.

I get over 10 kills a game, so it should increment more than 3 :smile:


They should let modes like this stay in custom lobbies


Yeah. Same goes for any PVE modes like Jingle Juvies or that Terminator: Dark Fate mode. It’d be nice to have extra variety.


I stopped reading here.

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I stopped reading here, :wink:


It’s a chill mode.

I’m not that good at golden gun. Lol

But it’s fun