Golden gun reward missing

I just checked and I’m somehow missing the golden gun skin for the bultok but I still have the year of the rat skins that came with it

Do you have the Gilded skins from Gears 4?

Golden Gun and Year of the Rat were separate rewards from the same playlist.

Make sure you don’t have any filters applied to your skins menu.

My son and I both also noticed ours missing as well

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Then don’t worry. Gilded looks better than the Golden Gun and applies to every gun.

The reward was the golden gun plus the rest of the year of the rat skins missing the loadout

@TC_Octus @the-coalition
See I’m not the only one

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Good news is that it’s still listed in your inventory on this side. We’ve had some reports come through support and we’re looking into this with the team. If you can, reach out through in case we need to troubleshoot or grab more details.


I got a reply in less than 24 hours from support regarding my operation 2 ranked rewards. Thank you.


I just submitted tickets.

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Thanks for the quick responses to our tickets and such. Just had a little bit of (maybe) helpful input on the current Ranked skins problem. It seems like 2v2 Gnashers didn’t have its rewards sent back out today when the other modes did.

I placed in only two modes last Operation, Diamond 3 in KOTH and Masters in 2v2 Gnashers. I did receive Diamond skins earlier with the “fix” you guys put out, but not my Masters ones. This seems to be the case according to reddit and Twitter too, a lot of people reporting their highest rank was 2v2 but they’re missing skins specifically for that mode.

Might be a starting point to look at, at least. All that said, I’ll give it the requisite 24 hours before I submit another ticket.

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Yes I received Silver and Bronze skins for non 2v2. For 2v2 I did not receive Onyx but I got confirmation the support team is working on it.

Ahh, thanks for the clarity. So similar situation to me, that does seem to be what’s going on then. I have faith they’ll fix it. :pray:

You’re welcome. Also…Silver looks very generic, almost like factory.

Looking like we may be going the weekend without our skins after all. :cry:

So ive played ranked 2v2 gnashers on operation 2 and hit diamond 1 but never got the weapon skins for diamond, only the ones for bronze through onyx. Any idea if they’ll fix that?

They say they’re working on it. Apparently 2v2 Gnashers specifically never had its rewards rolled out.

I wish I would have known this beforehand, I would have just grinded out the last like 150 points I needed in KOTH instead of stopping after Masters in 2v2… :pensive: All we can do is wait and see.

(Also as a sidenote, I find it funny how many of us take screenshots of our Ranks before the Season ends because we don’t trust TC to actually get our Ranks right lol)

Yeah I noticed when I logged on today and didn’t get the onyx and gold skins