Golden Gun matches not counting towards event medal progress

I noticed and then confirmed that this weeks golden gun event is not giving me any progression when completing a round. I started playing yesterday with 43/50 wins. Won 3 round and it’s stuck on 43. Same for the event rounds completed medal.

Anyone else catch this?

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Yeah, same here. Not even suprised anymore


@MCSS_Aerocoupe Has pointed this out on twitter to TC

Hopefully they can fix it soon.


I doubt TC could even fix a race between a dead horse and a fish.

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This happened to me last season, was a month before this operation rolled out.

I submitted a ticket and got an answer this month. I’ll see if I have the problem too and I’ll submit a ticket again.

For me, the problem was fixed playing 2 other events (waiting 2 weeks for the medal and almost in the deadline)

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Edit: Ticket is submitted, I wrote that I’m not the only one and some players are getting the same problem

I got the same problem too. The medal is on 31 and I played and win almost 7 times.

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Nice! Thanks man. I was actually able to create a ticket too but I filed it under “Bugs” and then I read that they don’t reply to those. Hopefully it gets some visibility and gets fixed before OP3 ends!

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