Golden Gun is a sweatfest

I thought that aiming would help me get kills, but forcing people to hipfire in a game built around stopping and popping is self-defeating.

Well it’d be way too easy if people could just aim an infinite range 1 shot hand cannon.

and that’s also what makes the mode unique in the fact that it’s a reference to GoldenEye where there wasn’t really ADS


Not nearly as sweaty as regular ffa.


I really don’t like the fact that u do understand the game

Golden Gun FFA is absolutely rubbish. They’ve made FFA even worse than it already was, and Golden Gun (which used to be okay) really bad.

Have to disagree. I have to say Golden Gun FFA redeemed the mode for me. I was getting butt stomped in regular FFA and had basically given up on the onyx set. Tried the GG version and it was night and day. Without GG it I would’ve never got the five wins I needed to get the onyx sniper set and complete the onyx weapons.

If you have no self-respect I heard some folks were putting a tape on the center of their screen to help them shoot straight and it was helping them get more kills.