Golden Gun has made me give up weekly versus completions - not worth it anymore

Here, let me expand on that title for you folks: for me, this event is Trash, utter and complete trash. A TOTAL WASTE OF MY TIME.

I did better in the utterly hideous “Execution 2.0” event (AND I HAD HOW MANY ZERO POINT GAMES IN THAT MODE COALITION?) than I do here. No sight lines screws everything up. And some folks are better at trigonometry than I and just wipe me out from out of nowhere. Or they have got their angles down pat, which to an incoming player, helps to make one stop playing more than any amount of griefing.

So TL;DR, my game experience so far - MAYBE one or two luck kills, get my wig split from a random shot from a random direction, watch others close range and slow dance around each other saying “KPAH!” or “KPOW!” or whatever that is for a few minutes until the other team eventually wins.

I will get the “5 rounds stars”, but the rest? DOUBTFUL. In operation 6 I played every weekly event to completion until “Execution 2.0” reared its ugly head and started the downward spiral. For Operation 7, both events so far have been awful for a player like me. If you wanted me to stop playing these events full bore Coalition, congratulations - mission accomplished.

I am sure some of you guys clear these events in record time like I clear the Horde events (when they show up, which is about half as often as the versus ones), so I know there some of you out there who love stuff like this. Me? I absolutely hate it.


If you’re doing this for coins just go back to Escape/Horde (it legit is not worth the effort)
If you’re doing this because you want the completion of 100% ToD then all I can tell you is you just have to keep grinding it and hope you get lucky.

Coming from someone who went negative 9 out of 10 games I can tell you the event is rough lol. Really just keep at it and those medals will pop up sooner or later. I somehow managed to get the HS part done before the 100 eliminations (lucky me)


Well I like sniping so…

I haven’t played Golden Gun yet but I don’t see how it’s supposed to be “awful”? I mean I really apprechiate non-Gnasher modes, hence why I like Arcade too (while the Gnasher exists, it’s more of a "power"weapon of sorts in that mode and the Lancer is just way stronger there so).

Boring events to me are like those “Hyper”-type modes which are literally the same-modes but with decreased respawn-times and such.

Dunno what the medals are in the current event, haven’t checked.

100 Kills, 5 match wins and 10 headshots are the three I hear being mentioned. If there’s any more, I haven’t looked myself.


Complete 5 matches is the other medal

The funny thing is, it is kinda gnashers only mode. You just point in the general direction, shoot hope for the best.
I like it better than the OSOK, it’s still meh, especially with the gold setting and the pew pew sounds.
Aside the 10, no need for headshots.

With this new operation I couldn’t care less about these events even for horde

I grinding op7 and got everything unlocked in the ToD the first week

Not doing that anymore…especially since we got our cards scrapped and skins don’t matter honestly

Everyone will have them and they won’t change the gameplay

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I never bother with the events.

Just don’t play it. You can still get up the tour of duty quite easily.

The events are all the same, every time. None of them are fun. It feels more like a spin off of the game. But the gameplay of the event is always shallow, and gets old very fast. Usually ppl just play some for the medals and never return.


Lol. Forget about completing this medal group.

No one else have headache after playing with Golden hour filter more than 30 minutes?

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The filter is absolutely shocking and the voice sounds tbh.

Game mode itself is a laugh

It does very well demonstrate the broken hit detection with wildly divergent pings though.
Good test run lol
And kills are much easier, just run into their face before shooting, the headshots though, pure luck.

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I’m having fun :man_shrugging:

I’m right there with you, OP. I finished all the PVP event medals in OP6, but the two we’ve had so far in OP7 have been so much worse. Once I saw the 10 headshots medal I knew i wouldn’t be spending time on something so utterIy luck-based. That said, yesterday I tried Lucioball for the first time over on Overwatch’s anniversary event, and that was by far the worst PvP event I’ve ever played, ever, so Golden Gun isn’t that bad.

Although if you do like Golden Gun, a hot tip I remember from Gears 4 is to stick a little bit of sticky note in the dead center of your screen or monitor, to help you aim.

Put the barrel aiming at their head before shooting and that should help with headshots. I haven’t tried though as I have no intention of playing

Buddy, I don’t know if TC is at fault this time…

The medals are only worth 3000 to 4000 coins. It was never worth it anyways lol 100% completion gives you nothing at the end.

Also its officially been out for 24 hours. You have the entire rest of the week to get those precious 3000 coins lol

I haven’t even got on yet, but that one sounds rough for a non-aiming event lol I’m sure I’ll get em, i’m used to going for those cheeky blindfires anyways as a landan fan… but I can see why that one alone can cause grief.

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It’s way too many headshots. The Torque Bow Tag event only required 5 headshots.


Yea that’s silly, should be flipped, you actually aim the bow lol

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