Golden Gun FFA gamemode

Where is the Golden Gun FFA game mode? I was just playing it a few moments ago but now i cant find int.

Haven’t checked today but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gone for good. This a re timed events only available for short periods of time. A new one is coming soon, maybe this one is done for?

Wish they were more clear with the information regarding the start and end time of events.

I believe it has been replaced with the Arcade Blitz Double Trouble.

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Weekly events switch at 10:00 am PT on Tuesday. It is now Arcade Blitz Double Trouble.

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Guess it’s gone. Too bad. I thought it was a good event. Were you able to get the golden gun? Get any wins towards the new modes medals?

I got it. It included 13 Year of the Rat weapons. Unfortunately I didn’t win any, but I did make progress on weekly event rounds and kills.

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